February 7, 2009

Yes, It will be- A reply

reply to Rashi's Will It Be? Rashi wrote this

I hope to dispel,
The confusion inside you,
Melt the fog around your soul,
And guide you through!

I just wish I could convey,
Your value in my life,
In my mind, your thoughts reign supreme,
Through each day and each night!

Such is my love for you,
Beside you, I'll always be,
Even when I am gone,
You'll feel the presence of me!

To change I'll never tell you,
Take you in my arms, as you are,
You are the one for me,
My lucky angel, My guiding star!

Together, we will weather,
The sapping tests of time,
Will lend my shoulder to let you rest,
Your soul I would treat as mine!

Every hurt you suffer will leave a scar,
Deeper, on my soul, than yours,
Will trade my life for yours anyday,
To the grim reaper, would beg on all fours!

Eternal love, care, devotion,
For you, in my heart will always stay,
Will let not tears come to you,
And if they do, would kiss them away!

I want you just as bad,
To cuddle, to fight, to argue,
Its only words that I have,
To convince you that this is true!!

With me, it will be.............for real!!!!!!!!!!


  1. * sigh *

    I have nothing more to say.. I said it all in the chat naa? :P

    I'm lost for words..For the first time!!

  2. yeah! helps my self esteem to kwn dat I cld actually get u to nt say nythng! lose words! :P

  3. i read it at your blog Mav ..and I loved it... still loving it... even if the words of reassurance are not for real they do give a lot of hope... probably this isnt the end after all..

  4. ahhh !! how do you people write such long such sweet potry ?? tell na plz.. teach me too !

  5. :) a nice sweet one in the making....

  6. @ Kajal
    Thx for liking it! nd dat u read it twice on my blog and here is creditable! :P
    Why do u thnk da words r nt for real?

    @ Prats
    U r one of dose few stalwarts here who have taught me to write poems! Inspiration and motivation came frm da lounge ya knw! :P

    @ Kings
    Thnk u so much! :)


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