February 11, 2009

Pink Chaddi Campaign

I don't know how many of you are aware of the PINK CHADDI CAMPAIGN.. (Hmmm Yes you heard that right) The campaign is aimed toward making Muthalik aware of his doing and that we wont sit back and relax...

IHM wrote this and wanted us to comment on it with a poem... 
SO here is my poem about Mr. Muthalik!

Oh Dear, Muthalik has defined a Bhartiya Nari,
Non-pub going and wearing only a sari.

I wonder, when the campaign is done, 
Will the political tactics he shun?

One thing that is sure, 
that this might be the cure,for when he is out shopping for chaddis, many will wink,
And wonder if he has that in pink. :)

P.s If you don't know why this is being done or what happened, google the Mangalore incident or Mutalik and you'll know. I have given a bunch of links as well to help you out....


  1. gift him a Pink chaddi and so much more,
    this muthalik fellow is such a bore!

    He couldn't love,
    probably doesn't have a heart.
    He stinks and his ideologies too.
    Jerks like him are very few.

    We will not be quiet and we won't take it!
    We aren't like him so we just won't fake it!

    Let this valentine's day be like how it was never before,
    Keeping Muthalik and et ceteras completely off the shore..

    here I go :)

  2. Hehehe ... good one ... hahaha ...

    And a good poem from Kajal too .. keep it up gals ...

    ... will try my hand at it ... let me lessen some work first!

  3. i hate them to the core!!!
    bloodyy fool's sena!!!
    i want to so badly belt 'em..!!

  4. Who gave him the right that belongs to the Gods?
    Who asked him to fight a war denounced even by lords?
    Which side did win, in this battle of ideals
    The side of democracy? Or that of the unreals?

    He prides his culture, and says words mighty
    He blames the western vulture, for the wrongs in this society
    But what he fails to realize, in all this indecent zilch
    Is that, his own culture he himself has killed

  5. Nice job all of you :) And especially Rakhi! Do check out my post too... I sent them 7 chaddis!

  6. good one rashi!
    Apart from that there is other one which is gathering momentum hour by hour.Check this link to find more.

    For causes,for women, for India :)

  7. Rashi.. I expected you to be a sane patriot what with being a co-follower of Da Eternal Rebel's blog.

    But.. just give it a thought, what will sending pink chaddis to Mr. Pramod do? Do you think the Ram Sena will mend its ways?

    Why don't you fellas try sending pink chaddis to Lashkar e Toiba and Hizbul Mujahideen and all? Where is this youth mobilization when terrorist acts occur?

    Why don't you save the chaddi for urself? Mr. Pramod is going to burn them anyway..

  8. @ All .. Thanks and I loved your poems :)

    @ Karmasura

    Sanity is the guise for cowardice in this case. Today's paper contains an article about how Muthalik has issued a statement saying that all he wanted to do was to make people question this pub going behaviour and wanted parents to be aware. Is this way to have done it?

    Lashkar e Toiba et al are terrorists and anti-nationals and make no claims of how Indian women should or shouldn't behave. It isn't about mending their ways. We are unlike them tolerant of other people's views. He too is entitled to his. But what needs to know is that every action has a reaction.

    He had the guts to do that just because he thought he could get away with it. This is a show of that he wont.

    Da Eternal Rebel is free to have his own view too. And I know he disagrees with this entire thing.

    Let Mr. Mutalik burn them or wear them. He has got the point. Every step he takes, he will wonder about what kind of reaction he will get. Will his mail box be flooded when he steps out to do something else? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, I think :)

    P.s : None of this meant personally. What is a democracy without a few or many conflicting ideas..Please be free to reply. If I'm wrong I need to know it and correct my ways. Till then, I'm firm!

  9. @karmasura/rashi and others

    This is the least we can do for time being.Some bit of individual action goes a long way than mere speaking out, and this is onetime when i'm seeing many people actively participating ,men and women,sure sign of frustration.

    It is going to be written in the annals of history that pramod muthalik had a never ending supply of pink chaddis,how does that sound!!! Pretty shitty..i suppose.

    As these people are hardened criminals,they wont be having any conscience for sure..but hope gods bless muthalik and his counterparts with enough intelligence soon! godspeed!!!

    It shows that we are not dumb citizens to just sit and watch whats happening in our country.

    The main idea behind this apart from showing a piece of mind to fcukalith and his goons[masquerading in the name of the god - are the SRS guys themselves perfect for that matter- hell no!!] that we wont be sitting ducks and are capable of collectively organizing for any cause for that matter.

    This is simply a mass show of strenght, of which not only SRS and his counterparts across mumbai (SS/MNS) and other parts of india. This cheap political ideologue for inciting divisiveness and gaining votes in the name of gods among the society from its lowest levels wont work for long.

    If india needs to become a superpower than all this should stop. Its disgusting that our

    democracy and freedom for speech is being misused time and again by the wannabe politicians to gain quick attention and fame. If you can read my article about political will and
    realpolitiks at my blog where i have elaborated simillar issues.And you can find more posts of simillar nature.


    Though its not about violence incidents, its about how meek,stupid and dumb our politicians are and how our political system of coalitions is.Every party has their own agenda and interests to safeguard rather than doing the same for betterment of the people and developing our country in the international arena of cuthroat and competitiveness.

    for causes, for india ! :(

  10. @rashi

    thats the basic tenet of democracy.All can air their personal opinions and point of views.Nothing wrong. But many people are going overboard and definitely need to be punished.The laws of policing and criminal offenses should be changed for good. Most of them are of british era and nothing usefull.

  11. @ Kings

    I agree with the fact that everyone can have a view but acting out on it when its against the laws? NOT AT ALL. I can think that women should not wear jeans and marry a woman who does not. Perfect. Everyone happy.

    But I CANNOT beat my wife when she wears jeans. That I CANNOT do.

    That is what Mutalik did. I can't punish him because unlike him, I can't take the law in my hands. But I can freely express that I disagree with you in which ever way..

    Yeah, the pink chaddis will seem childish but somethings being done and I will support it. Bcas it is a movement in the positive direction...

  12. haha.. The poem was awesome..!! Enjoyed it..!!
    That stupid Muthalik..!!

    We import things from the west as per our convenience.. When it comes to so-called 'culture' why all the fuss...

    I enjoyed the poem fully.. ;)


  13. Bhartiya nari or no be damned, if chicks stop commin to pubs, it would be more of a gay parlour :P

    Muthalik dude, go to a mandir and do some bhajans, for petes sake spare pubs.

    Pink chaddis minus babes *5 tequilas please*


  14. well Ash and me send them 7 chaddis so we hope it does have an effect on them .....bloody loosers is how we can define them..


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