February 13, 2009

My Dear... My Beloved

Amid the colors and shades
I perceived your charisma
I awt your face
With bunged eyes
And open heart
I thought of you
With every breath I breathed
I wanted you to be here
To see the coups
The blisses I am
Bequeathed with
I whispered to Allah
To let you see
The serenity I am sanctified with
How appeased I am
You were my love
You are my inspiration
You revered me with divinity
Of world and henceforth
You made me laugh
You conferred me the dignity
You made my earth secluded
Worth living
You made me valiant
To conquer my potential
Of humane you bestowed
I wish you were here
I miss you
With silent tears
Soaking my heart
For eon of breaths
My dear
My beloved
My father!


  1. And probably none of us could have done it so beautifully..

    Loved the poem...

    especially these lines-

    You made my earth secluded
    Worth living
    You made me valiant
    To conquer my potential

    May God bless you with umpteen love and respect for your Father..

    * bows *

  2. Awesome .. m speechless.. the feeling is too overwhelming :)

  3. UZ!
    Wow... my father is not here these days the feeling your poem gives is awesum...
    I would love to thank you for sharing this...

  4. thank you pals!

    may All the fathers be respected and graced.. amin

    *smiles and hugs* pretty

    May Allah keep your father safe and blissed illusion.. aameen

    stay blessed !

  5. thats an wonderfull ode to dear father :)

  6. salamzz uzra..
    really nice n touching poem..
    keep up the gud work..
    keep smiling :)

  7. I agree!
    I accept!

    being a father's girl myself :) I so so loved it!


    -to the man we all call Father!

    what an ode!

    *teary eyes* *sniff*

  8. An Ode to FATHER..

    Its very well executed..
    Great Job done here..:)

  9. पिता स्वर्ग, पिता धर्म
    पिता ही परमंग तपः
    पितरि प्रितिमापन्ने
    प्रीयन्ते सर्वो देवता ...

    A Father teaches us how to live. Thanks for this dedication ... Its touching!

    Commented earler too; but somehow the comment got dissolved since the post was reposted... Nevermind!

    You seem to be not writing much here ... Do so and we will be happy reading you, UZ :)

  10. thank you shanza for your appreciation,

    wrote this piece with some very strong nostalgic sentiments.who else better then you can guess it asbah!

    thank you chaarz! keep reading and i will learn how to write one day.

    Its still a mystery for me ,where the earlier post of this piece has gone...
    i am trying to learn the manners of writing!!

    thanking you Tan !

    stay blessed!


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