February 26, 2009

Last Words!!!

Pre Script: Last Post!

Its dark all around,
Inspite of the blinding light,
I grope in the obsurity,
My heart thudding with fright!

I cannot come to terms,
With the fact that you are gone,
That you just don't love me,
Pricks in my heart like a thorn!

My joy knew no bounds,
When I thought you could be mine,
Foolish chimeras, I now know,
Castles of dreams, destroyed in a line!

I tread around in the rubble,
Hurt, bleeding from gashes deep,
But I ignore the ache in my heart,
Because I have a promise to keep!

I gave you my love, my life,
Thinking, it was all you could want,
Obtuse thoughts, I know they were,
Entangle you further with me, I can't!

I know you deserve better,
It was never gonna be me,
I just thought..........,
I just wish it could be!

I wanted you to win your battles,
Fight your demons, I wanted you to,
I just wished to be there for you,
To nurse your wounds, to heal you through!

Looking up at the azure sky,
I let you go today,
Set you free into the cirrus clouds,
Hoping you are happy this way!

My words were my life,
Etch them with my blood, I did,
But I am running out of it,
Some drying up inside me, some pooling at my feet!

Even in these final moments,
Hope, lurks in the depths of my soul,
That one day you would love me,
The belief, is enough to let my eyes close!

As I struggle to scratch these last words out,
My words fading with every stroke, with every ragged breath,
I want you to just know, to believe,
That in my dying heart you'll always remain........!

I request the lounge admins to kindly delete my account from here. The small time that I have spent here has been the most memorable one. I have found people here who cared more for me, than my closest friends! And also much more! I cannot express in words how much i appreciate your friendship and your care! That you gave me an opportunity to put my work on display here and improve myself is something I will never forget! Thank you! Goodbye and Godbless! :)


  1. i will comment on the poem later .. but y r u leaving from here ????

  2. Hey MAV!!!!!!!!

    though its your personal decision of which i cant do nothing about. Nobody would just lose it forever, everyone has his/her mental blocks that every writer/poet faces, happens to pro's too, btw if your at work or if your not having time or some other problem unexplainable out in open.. But still even if you dont write, you can atleast read, hope you've not lost the zeal to read as well... :(

    As per the rules, only inactive members should are removed,so even if u don't write, its okay. But i hope its not a permanent decision or if something else is distracting you.

    But since this is your personal decision, all that i can do is, convey my feelings to you !!!!

  3. Mavrick
    i said dont!
    Please its a request of a reader please stay here atleast i wont u to fight the battle and we all r wid u ! Please ...
    Try and wait please i am big fan f urs dont please

  4. heyy...maverick.....why leavin lounge???
    stay stay...u'l get back ur zeal.....for sure....write whenevr u feel....dont disappoint ur readers!

  5. Mave, write and love it ... as you have done ... you stay in here or leave is just your choice, but would request you to continue writing ... for you write well ...

    You never struggled to write - at least I did not feel it while reading you ...

    STAY mate ...

  6. i dont think u can ever quit writing....its the way u pour out things....
    u wont be able to...

  7. I second Megha..
    Its just a phase,and you'll come out of it,eventually.
    Qutting is not the solution sweety.

  8. oye Mav, whats this?? the sophisticated gentleman is gonna leave the lounge.. :( not fair... nothing doing!! dont leave!!!

  9. Ok! I'm very tempted to just say BYE and not give you any "bhaav" but then... I'll be nice! :D

    Simply put, stay here. Read US and to quote "myself"

    Let us love you.
    Let us mend your broken heart.
    Let us close without hesitation.
    Let us be your inspiration.

    Chalo, enough bhaav given? Young man, now get your ass here!!! Understood?

    We are programmed to receive.
    You can checkout any time you like,
    But you can never leave!
    Welcome to the Writers' Loungeria!!! ;)

    Now I stop this madness!!!

  10. heyy why u leaving??

    what happened..

    loved the poem.. but dont leave.. take a break.. but tht doesnt mean u have to leave.. hope u r ok now.. take care

  11. Hey dude..!!

    WL is not life or death..... It's just another form of expression for people like us.....

    There's nothing like a joining or leaving .... Write watever, whenever u feel like... n nobody's judging.. All are here to like each other... :)

    It's not that we value u only if u come up with masterpieces...!! Stay here... stay here...

    If not from anybody.. take inspiration from me... See.. i've written so many stupid stories and the lounge has survived.. hehe.. nobody pushed me out .... :P

    Without talking another word.... start posting.. if not immediately.. whenever u wish to.. ;)


  12. enough said :)

    so Mav? what say ?

  13. i hopw u will come back mav

    and as for the poem....

    it deeply moved me

    u need lounge as a medium to portray ur talents
    the lounge needs u, for writing talented pieces straight from heart

    i hope u understand this and come back

  14. Don't be silly, okay...

    I mean... look at someone like me... I can't churn out poems the way you guys can, I very rarely write fiction... but it's not like you'd never want to read others... right? And okay take a break from the lounge if you want one, but don't lose touch with the people out here pleeeease!


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