February 28, 2009

I Could Visualize You!

Sitting in an gloomy setting,

With eyes closed and body wrapped up,

Unattended to the world outside,

And engrossed in the turmoil inside,

With too many questions and as many voices,

And yet not a word to say or someone to hear,

I could easily visualize you.

With all the moment playing across the mind,

And all the helplessness killing you inside,

So many introspections and yet no answers,

So many people and yet not one familiar,

You had so much to wonder and so much to decipher,

Life seemed ended and yet you were living,

Eyes wet and yet the tears were frozen,

You wanted that one face to relieve you,

Yet there was no one,

And I could easily visualize you.

There was one outstretched hand wanting to reach you,

It was the hand among the millions of hands,

It wasn’t a stranger yet it was helpless,

It wanted to reach to that face which was miles away,

It wanted to catch those helpless arms and wipe those frozen tears,

It wanted to embrace that sullen body and vigor it up,

It wanted to sit beside and just let the tears flows and words come forth,

It wanted to be just make the presence to ward off the loneliness,

It wanted to be the Guardian of my own Angel,

I wanted to do all I could as,

I could easily visualize you

Visualize and visualizing was all that was done,

Minds telling the Minds of “Being there”,

Heart feeling the heart beats,

And eyes could easily see the pains,

Spirits from inside were flying across the miles,

Floating outside the windows and protecting her,

Like the ways she comforted me forever,

Those angels and spirits were perpetual like the prayers,

Telling her let the gloominess away and there is a shred of light waiting outside,

That light wanted to take her and make her all cherry,

And make her feel treasured even in her loneliness,

As she still sits in that gloominess all I could do is pray,

Even though I could easily visualize her.

P.S. This poem is dedicated to My Bestest Friend. Through this poem i just want to Tell her that I love you a lot and I am here for you forever waiting for that outstretched hand!


  1. nabila...this is such a beautiful poem

    guardian angel....ur friend will be happy with this poem.

  2. awww that was just lovely.. am sure ur friend does realise how important u r ..

  3. thanks ...i just hope this makes a bit happy :-)

  4. your friend is gonna jump with joy.. :) lovely!

  5. this was just perfect.. heartfelt feelings !!

  6. thanks ...i hope that makes her smile ....


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