February 24, 2009

A Heartfelt Expression of Love and Gratitude ~ continued

A short poem to savour the moment :)

Nothing far, 
Nothing near,
that can match 
the Lounge here
such is the atmosphere
inspiring and exhilarating
leaving no stone unturned
anything under the sun
full of laughter and fun
feelings and desires
expressed to surprise
We have engineers
doctors and 
accountants too
We have dentists
and yeMBeeyAe's
and a pilot too
We Blog, We slog
ne'er clog or flog
We write, 
We read,
We lounge ,
truly we're
The Writers Lounge



  1. wow king...again...speechless...too good!! first a post...now a poem...Our lounge has some fan following i tell you...only stepMAN n steFUN come remotely close ;-)

    one slight correction bro...yeMBeeyAe's n not embeeyay ;-) ;-)

    rocking poem bro...raising a samosa to this amazingly talented family of ours...cheers!

  2. :)**correction noted ;)

    yup raising a toast with some tomato ketchup tooo...

    What do you think stepMAN would have to say about the Wlounge [chuckles...heheheh]!!!!!!!!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. wow.. that was just lovely..

    awesome dedication for the lounge.. :)

  5. you missed the Accountants part Kind

    *sits in the corner with a swollen face*

    ps. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it 30 times :)

  6. ha ha ha...accountants ko add kar do kings....asbah ki khaatir ;-)

  7. Oh man..!! That was awesome.. ;)


  8. kya yaar .. itna achcha likhte ho !! senti kar ditta !! i cnt just say how much happy i feel to be here .. any day wen i dnt visit lounge, i feel empty .. its not the writes but more of the writer's that i come for ..

  9. @ thank you all, the feeling just got deeper ;)

    and asbah, sorry for missin it out :P , its been corrected not added :D

  10. yeah prats, there seems to be void if i dont keep regular updates of whats happening over the lounge and its just more than writing, it is reading all of the works in here.

    So addicted to it, that i've cut my other time pass activities and utilise that for reading through the lounge. First thing in the morning and after the work in the evening, in between breaks and so on

    It just fills my emptiness and keeps me kind of grounded and aware :)

  11. awesomeee poem kings!!!
    loved it sooo much!! :)

  12. Oh, Gratias Kings :D

    Thankyou thankyou!


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