February 12, 2009

The Adventures of StepMAN: Blogisode 4

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Co-Written by Priyanka n Sandeep

Starring: Stephy, Arjun, Kajal, Sanskriti, Ms. Shabnam Lele n The Monkey

It was then that he saw the ghostly face of Stephy. He recognised him at once despite his appearance but pretended not to. He cried, “Who is this?? Chor Chor Chor. Maarooooo!!” The girl gang had grown in confidence after getting the support of the crowd. They continued bashing Stephy. Arjun joined the girls in giving him a sound thrashing and also pulled the pink skirt he was wearing. He wore it on top of his head like a souvenir. Kajal was enraged seeing her pink skirt adorning Arjun’s head like a crown and pulled it off him. Arjun was completely engrossed in kicking Stephy. He showed no mercy whatsoever. When satisfied, he shouted all of sudden, “Heyy wait!! I think I have seen him before!” He then emptied a jug full of cold water over him removing the powder and making his clothes all wet and said, “Oyeee its Stephy!!! OMG..what are you doing here dude??”

“Stephyyyyy?? Who the holy shit is this Stephy??”, the girls cried in unison. Sanskriti, one of the juniors, who had been a former recipient of Black & Blue Bravery Awards stepped ahead, “What the hell is your roomie doing here in our wing? And that too in this state. He better have a proper explanation for all this. We will take up this matter with the management. There is something fishy about it for sure. Aur yeh toh shakal se bhi chor jaisa lag raha hain. Its almost 7 and we have our class from 8:30. We will let him go at your responsinbility Arjun..ehhh..sorry…RJ. But please present him whenever he is required RJ. You all may leave now. Give us some privacy for god’s sake. We haven’t caught on a wink of sleep since last night.”

Stephy was now almost dead with this torture which was both external and internal. As soon as he got up, he ran straight to the loo. His boxers were wet, so he kept it on the window for drying, unaware of something. The monkey was still roaming here and there in search of more fruits, and that’s when he saw Stephy’s fruity boxers on the window. Without wasting even a second, he quickly grabbed them, threw remains of the fruits he had been munching on Stephy’s head and ran away to the terrace. Stephy shouted cursing the monkey. It came back, threw more remains on Stephy’s face, squealed wickedly and ran back. Stephy was now in a state of shock.

“Shittt…how will I go out now?? Nooooooooo!! Saale bandar ke bachhe, ek din aisa ayega jab main teri vaat lagaunga!!” he said to himself. He covered himself with a towel and to avoid further embarrassment in front of the girls, escaped from there through the window. He climbed up the sewage pipe trying to somehow reach his room on the above floor. In the midway, the monkey came again. He climbed up the same pipe and pulled Stephy’s towel and ran away. Stephy shouted “Abeyyy saaalee bandar…ghar mein baap bhai nahin hai kya!! Teri to...dekh lunga tujhe to ek din kamine!!”

He continued crawling up the pipe to his wing. The pipe had been put up just besides the girls bathrooms. The management had ignored this thinking that who would take the pains to crawl up a pipe to get a view of the girls bathroom. Moreover, students joining the School of Management were expected to be mature and the best in the country. Meanwhile, Ms. Shabnam Lele, the girl’s hostel warden, was taking her bath in the bathroom which had the best view from the pipe. Stephy kept crawling up unaware of the same.

## Kajal aka Pink Orchid StepTAGGED for co-writing Blogisode 5 with me ;-)


  1. OH My God..!! Stephy..!! Where r u heading my dear roomie??? :P

    This was again awesome... The monkey part was again funny...

    Arjun.. oops RJ, took complete revenge... I'm happy.. hehe :P

    Good one again guys..

    Now kajal has to tackle Stephy and Ms. Shabnam Lele.. hehe.. ALl the best.. ;)


  2. oh my

    the monkey came back lol...guess its sandeeps frnd ;-)

    very funny.....

    baap bhai wala dialogue was funny........

    lets see wht kajal does for next post....

    hghehehe stephy got a good view of miss lele ....waaah...... :p

    nice work guys .......equally good

  3. "Aur yeh toh shakal se bhi chor jaisa lag raha hain"
    lol :D

    OMG!! whr r u heading stephy??!!

    waiting for next...kajal... ;)

    *in love wid d monkey* :D :P

  4. Arree wahh, monkey created a win win situation for you all the way dude..monkey \m/

    Tell me u had some fun..TELL ME U DID ..lol lol j/k

    Way to go ..waiting for the next one


  5. He he h e :D
    Good one pri di and sandeep :P
    again the boxer thingy was damn funny :P :P

  6. @Blogisode 4 (Pri and Sandeep): I had the opportunity to read it before everyone else does. :P

    it was damn good ..especially stephy's dialogue with the monkey and the pipe climbing :)

    @All: your expectations are making me nervous.. but hey I will try my best. Ofcourse, Sandeep will not allow my mistakes in the draft to be shown. But I am sure after blogisode 5 I would have learnt some very crucial elements of writing humor... All credit to Sandeep.. for tagging me right after my attempt on fiction. Thank you so much I hope I dont disappoint you guys. :)
    So put on your seat belts and hold your breath, the roller coaster ride of humor has just begun :D

    as i always say - entertainment ki dukaan to abhi khuli hai...:D

  7. hahahahahhaha ;)

    That was hilarious,outrageous and funny.

    enjoyed it thoroughly :P

  8. @ Kaj, *hugs* you'll do great... the rest Guru has magic :D

    just jump right in ;) and tell us you're loving it..


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