February 23, 2009

Acrostic Poetry

Every monday i will posting about a poetry style(and even try to write in that style frequently that week).Here's the first one -

This is the simplest type of poetry style i love to experiment with.The only rule you have to remember is that the first letter of each line spells a word, usually using the same words as the title.

As -


Out of my
Attract my
Grooves of
Eyes..ah! my
Sweet childhood.

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Do try,post here for my reading and have fun !!
Another style next monday!!


  1. I started my poetry with acrostic style! I will post some up in here:)

  2. Prats,poem & experimenting were never different, it means the same one way or the other.

    Inspired by pratsie, here comes my acrostic poem.


    Inspiring all time,with
    Never ending wisdom.
    Dearest of our hearts
    Immensely impeccable,for
    Aeon's to come.


  3. That was so nice :)
    Thanx for sharing di ;)

  4. wow thts lovely..

    interesting idea must say.. :)

  5. WOW Pretty ... Thats some good initiative ... Thanks for teaching me ONE MORE thing ... when I say ONE MORE, I do mean it ...

    I have tried my hands on this too, as a good student of yours ... check out above ...

    PS: Please put a 'be' in the first sentence

  6. :) wow prats.. i am impressed .. and it is really innovative to actually bring a new one up every week .. thank you :)

  7. wow prats...brilliant...and kudos to your initiative...take a bow!

    keep teaching us all new things...cheers!!

  8. @All who have read and liked and commented on this thread .. please please please try to write and post your experiments here .. i will love to read them !! Have fun !!

  9. And thanks a ton for appreciating my efforts.. i will certainly come back next monday with something more interesting ..

  10. well.. i have commented on this already na!! Loved it :)


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