February 16, 2009

10 Reasons Y I Can Never Get 6 Pack Abs!!

Ya U heard it right.Below are some reasons Y a normal guy like me can never have the much overrated 6 pack Abs.

1> First and foremost doing Cardio exercises is such a pain,prefer weight lifting any day.

2>Being a big time Sleepomaniac can not sacrifice on 11 hrs of sleep in any case what so ever.

3>Never been for a morning jog in my legendary 21 yrs of life,although for the last 4 yrs i have been always setting up alarm for 6:30 am with a hope that may be someday...

4>This one is my favorite:Chocolates,just can't get rid of them.Chocolates before and after every meal is just so compulsory.

5> No specific diet,I Eat anything and everything that comes my way.

6>College Mess,i guess that says it all.

7>Grandparents:"Kinna Lissa ho gaya hai munda sadda,Khaya piya kar" followed by a full-on punjabi dose of Makhanwala Parathas!!

8>I find my gym instructor Gay,so whenever an exercise involves "support" i avoid 1....only if u know what i mean! :P

9>'Khao Piyo Ash Karo' foundation ka I am an active member and thus i have to very much abide by the rules.

10>Last but not the least for 100 other such reasons...ok i know this one's the most stupid but in any case i had to complete 10 reasons so...!

So ladies I hope this has been an enlightening session and hence before demanding your guy for a 6 pack Abs please think about the sacrifices involved.

Live and Let Live!! :P


  1. lols!!

    how sacrificing guys are!!:P:P

  2. absolutely true...when we think of the sacrifices..we leave the plans for tht 6 pack :P

  3. rofl.. i am sure some of the ladies can relate to it too...probably replace the 6 packs abs with a zero figure lol.. and the gay- gym instructor need not be included.lol..

  4. @ Stepman
    I believe u man ...U r d baap of all superheroes...i say check again,i think u have 18 pack!!

  5. @ uz
    Sarcasm is bad!! :P :P
    we really sacrifice in a way or 2!

  6. @ Pink
    nice !!
    but i still think gay instructor can be a possibility ...think about it!! :P

  7. Hahaha... I was about to say the same thing as Kajal...

    We will stop expecting a 6 pack from you when you stop expecting a size zero from us :D

  8. @ Satans Darling
    U know wat size 0 ain't appealing at all......believe me !! :)

  9. Hahaha... love points 7 and 8... nice write....

  10. same reasons for me NOT losing weight !!! :D

  11. @ Pretty Me
    Telme about ur instructor den!! :D


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