January 5, 2009

Remember 9th January....

Ok guys ,we are going to see the results of the rain drenched lounge contest on 9th January 2009.I have the winners on my hand,just waiting for the day......Keep waiting till 9th January .... just 4 days to go..


  1. abey oo...natak band kar n result bata..!!!
    waise to mujhe pata hi hai..but fir b officially announce ho jae to achha hai! :P

  2. yeah yeah ,, we know :P

  3. Am I the only one who doesnt know? Ste? Did you leak it??/ Should I kill you? The only reason I'm letting you live is coz you have the results you know?

  4. if u know, then announce it na... why the melodrama...!! :D

  5. God! I know my story wasn't good enough, i can recall some of the stories and believe that i was not

    up to the mark. but the anticipation exists.

    Oh! jan 9th is so far away :(


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