January 5, 2009

My Love

Tears emerge from
behind closed thoughts,
the veil is lifted,
joyfully they bounce
on my eyelids,
mocking my heart,
"Why did you love?"

the broken heart sighs
and smiles with the eyes
its true love left me,
with a bundle of pain,
but never will i regret,
coz when i loved,i think
i picked for me the best !!


  1. wow.. tats really true....
    U choose someone feelin tht they would be the best for u... So no point in regretting when it doesnt turn out ur way... Very true....

    Superb post once again..


  2. hey that was nice
    but what i believe is if love is true it never leaves you unfortunately even if you want
    so i agree with both of you no point in regretting, you are fortunate enough to love someone with pure heart

  3. Hey Arjun .. dunno why i knew atleast you will comment here ;) !!

    I really was wondering to myself one evening if we regret loving a person after the break up .. thats when i thought we should not ... coz we still are blessed to have that feeling atleast once in life :)

    Thanks for the comment Jack :)

  4. I dont think we regret the relationship or what happened..Most often, we are sad about what could have happened.. Most relationships (I think) stem from friendships and I wonder if the relationship didnt happen would they still be friends..Would they have become better friends? Etc etc.. :P

    But in the end, if not broken up properly and cleanly, it can leave a dirty taste in the mouth!

  5. we dont write for money .. we write for comments ryt..!! :) :)

    I'll be thr... though i may sound a bit childish at times.. :)


  6. And Why did your BEST MAN leave you??

    If he was the best, you would not have been crying ...

    Dont say this to yourself - not even to console ... I know, you know and we all know that He was never the best, for he being best, would not have left ...


    Keep Writing and We will keep reading you ... Cheers!

  7. that was beautifully sad prats...

  8. @Tan

    U can discover someone to be ur 'best man'.. But the reciprocal need not be the same.....
    I agree with the thought that Prats has given here...


  9. Right said Rashi ... I always miss the friend most when some one leaves ... no other relation is more heavenly ... the good moments will never cease to make us smile... but yes ,, it leaves tears in your eyes and a bitter taste in your mouth ...

  10. I love all comments !! no probs with the childish ones too ;) Let them come in bundles Arjun.. :D !!

  11. @TAN : none of us is the best for anyone ... and love is all about accepting each other's minor flaws .. hearts should accept each other ... but still at times, certain thigns dnt just gel ... which leads to break ups .. who says, anything was wrong with any of the people involced !!

    thanks for the read :)

  12. wah wah! nice ending! honestly! but thought i believe that love comes in little packets of pain and

    its alright to cry, the best one wouldnt like you to cry for them, do they?


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