January 22, 2009

My Dear Dearest...

My dear dearest, you are my all,
Every moment I’m away from you, is to me a fall,
You are the breeze, that puts my soul at ease,
Every time I look at you, my heart begins to cease.

I cannot be the very best, yet you only want me,
The twinkle in your eye, takes me into a reverie,
The love and the passion, that we share,
I know, can make joy even out of despair.

By many a thousand miles, we are apart,
Even then, we are close, through our hearts,
We have not met, for many years now,
Yet through these years, we haven’t lost our love.

You are my closest friend, my ally always,
My most treasured treasure, as everyone says,
Every beat of your heart, I can always hear,
I wish I was by your side, forever to you near.

I want to be the tear, which flows down your cheek,
Slowly, sliding toward those lovely lips that I seek,
I wish I could give, the stars and the sky,
Be by your side every minute, till I die.

Come back to me soon, I miss you a lot,
You are in my memories, in my every thought,
Till we meet again, my dear, I bid adieu,
To the Queen of my Heart, I give these roses few.

Pic Credit:-
Top: CamillaTheSmilie(DeviantArt).


  1. sweet as a song .. if i knew music, i would definitely had done that !!

  2. exactly it could be made into a song.. such wonders and pure feelings expressed..:)


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