January 31, 2009

INSPIRED soul!!!

In my prayers that are confined
in the rythms of my heart
burgeoned in my soul
i beg for thy love
i plead for your mercy
For YOU, Al-Raheem,
The most merciful
are powers
beyond limits
beyond boundaries
You,The Blesser,The Knowing
Percieve The Imperceptable
endows the viser
you, Al-Hayyi,The living
are my soul escorter
with serenity & love
and I, mesmerized byThe beauty,
His creations hold
bow down to the supreme
He is worthy to worship
and He alone,
deserve the adulation
of Pure & peace
of heart and soul


  1. Now now
    this is class stuff
    so captivating !

  2. really nice..touching!
    liked it!

    did i talk to u ovr chat? urza?

  3. thank you nan and priyanka!
    wel yeah you did!
    was using asbah's account :)

  4. this one just stands out...the creator...the supreme...i liked the way you dealt with such a tough subject to write a poem on..and you did it so effortlessly...cakewalk!! one of the best ones here at the lounge! every word...every line packs a punch....too good urza!!

  5. one word... prayerfull .

    humbling indeed :)

  6. A poem about the almighty.. I dont even consider myself capable of commenting on it.. it was a tough call but as sandeep said it really was a "cakewalk" for you..

  7. waoh ...haven't seen a poem in such a style ....this one's so different .....

    U could hv added a pic actually and the word count .....Coz this poem stands out honestly ...for the power of the words used .....

    Kudos :)

  8. hmm i think i am going to add a picture and a word count for this one.. but before that i have to do my driver's duty.. will be back and do so..

  9. thank you sandeep!
    a combination of words ,sometimes becomes blessings.and i feel blessed .

    no one can praise HIM ,The Almighty with words like grain in desert .stay blessed pink and king!

    @ anurag
    dont know how to add a picture. plus read the rules after i posted them..
    thank you for such appreciationg words!


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