January 11, 2009

I'm Sorry

Why do we end up giving explainations or entertaining people whom we should not ?? Why do people who care for us instead get to hear harsh words ?? Sometimes things just don't go right... Without reason and realization, we end up hurting our friends and family...

I know its waste to regret later.Apologies do not mend everything.And this will burden you more than the person hurt... Atleast its another memory i will wish to not just erase but to re write...

Stay silent,stay calm,
that's how you can remain
out of any verbal harm.

I do not talk of hurting you
but more for the people around,
people who care and love you too.

Harsh words and accusations,
never let you rest in peace
even if it is a true allegation.

But if you have crossed this line,
be humble enough to accept faults,
there is no harm if you apologise.

and for the people ever hurt by me,
trust me i never intended that,so
let me extend my heartfelt aologies..


  1. i am silent,i am calm
    i know u didn't hurt me for any reason
    people are same and its life's game
    do they intend to hurt .
    harsh words often hurt
    apologies and solace covers it.

    hey i am inspired by this post.. and poem ....

    btw pls forgive me 4 this stupid poem

    as i have said i suck at poems....i know ppl often tend to hurt their closed ones by some words that prove to be strong....it may be coz of their personal reactions or strange things that must have happened.....harsh words cudnt be digested by any one... cud we bear some one talking against us....yes apoligies do not mean when u hurt any one and say sorry...coz its the only excuse that we have....but forgive and lets forgive ,....thats wht life teaches :p

  2. Its not whether a sorry mends everything or something. A sorry is something so powerful.

    I've this friend who was very close to me and was under a lot of stress. I soon became his punching bag. All the frustration used to come out on me. I took it for a while. He was my friend after all. But soon it got out of control. Soon, he realised what he was doing was wrong and kept saying sorry but the damage had been done. And everytime he yelled at me, within the next 15 mins, he would call up to say sorry. Didnt the sorry lose its meaning here?

    For me, Sorry means not only that I feel bad about what happened but I will try not to repeat it. It so much more than just a word, it more than a regret for what happened. Its a promise to never repeat it.

    I'm in a philosophical mood. Hence such long comments today :D

  3. @Pretty: i can relate to the lines so well.. and i am sure all those who read thorugh will relate to it...
    apologies never harm.

    names are forgotten,
    faces fade away,
    tears dry up,
    and smiles disappear,
    but what doesnt go,
    is the way you made me feel!
    but dont worry pretty, a heartfelt aplogy always reaches out to the ones once hurt by us and love prevails..

    beautiful lines..

  4. hurt me u have not,
    no wounds there are,
    that cannot be forgot.

    its not wrong to me,
    that whose fault it may seem,
    for one to say sorry.

    its beautiful prats...! n u r right. its not wrong to be humble and accept a mistake. well penned.

  5. "there is no harm if you apologise." ...
    Underline this one.....
    This would make things much better...

    Very relatable poem, Pretty You..!!


  6. thanks for the wonderful words Ste.... we all have gone through, and realized these lessons but we still need reminders :)

  7. and the peom wasnt at all stupid Ste !! liked it :)

  8. @Rashi : that was right said.. to be sorry means not to repeat the mistake !! hope ppl mean it :)

  9. thanks for sharing those wonderful lines 'pink orchid" and "Leo' .. really loved the responses :) !! i truly indeed beleive that saying sorry never harms :D


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