January 13, 2009

I will

Shattered dreams,
i will build them back
Broken wings,
1 can tend them back..
To the stars,
i aspire to fly
and shine like them,
i will give my best try..
My soul will reflect
smiles full of hopes,
With head held high,
i will walk lonely roads..

Inspired from "burnt dreams' by pink orchid!


  1. now that's truly an honour Prats..
    luv you for this...
    thanks for developing magic starting from my words and beautifying it through yours..

  2. I Like this, as you might have understood by now ... Keep posting and reposting and posting again with replies/answers/responses to various posts here - so many ideas and so many thoughts all around ...

    Keep it up guys .. and have fun!!

  3. I read the first line and i was like, damn another sad poem. I have resolved that i will try to write happy atleast, of something like that, and i thought it would be great if i would read hope too! and man it is so optimistic it filled me hope :)

    Thanks biya!

    and honestly, i love this inspiration business :D i think it is helping a lot in bonding us together !! isnt it?? :)

  4. he its so amazing our lounge, i agree with you asbah we get inspiration to write from each others post, i got it from ste in my previous post

    well i am glad to see the happy ending

    'Things don't work my way,
    the way they choose is fine,
    i cherish life and smile,
    because i have to walk a thousand mile,,,'

  5. nothing like being inspired "pink orchid" .. i love to extend or imagine different ngles to other;s write... n m particularly happy that i cn write bit happy post too.. :) keep writing n reading n commenting :)

  6. right said Tan !! i hve been doin it since long but nice to see that no 1 minds it too... after all we all have equal right to express our feelings for any topic in any number of ways !!


  7. thts very aspirational..lets see how ling can u take that walk alone

  8. same pinch asbah !! i too have promised to try writing happy things more this year :) !! and i love the bonding thing :) !!

  9. nice inspiring lines Jack !! thanks for the comemnt :)

  10. @Naveen : u challangeing me ??? he he ... just kidding ... :)

  11. Kind of inspirational and rejuvenating...!!
    Thank u for a bright poem.. :)


  12. thanks a lot Arjun :) i always look forward to your comments !!

  13. thanku vinay and yash :)


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