January 18, 2009

I want....

This post is dedicated to Asbah for her resolution post below :

At times i sit,
and promise myself
I will be just me,
all masks i will shed..

At times i want,
to live at my own terms
I will not regret anything
even if it takes me to be hurt..

At all such rare times,
I smile,I laugh and enjoy,
not coz my soul is freed
but it also strives to soar high...


  1. @Prats: loved it loved it!!

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  3. Introspection at its best, when u realize that u need to b ur true self! wonderful write, Prats! :)

  4. a poetic resolution reply eh? :)
    nice pratsie...

  5. thanks all dearies and dears... :) i really appreciate ur comments !!

  6. OH MY GOD.

    i dont consider myself enough worthy of a dedication.


    I have a hint of a tear in my eye and I have the blood rushing from my veins to my cheeks. so red, the cherries are hiding in shame.

    hehe, thanks prats, my biya *hugs* :)

  7. you deserve a lot of good things.. and you know that Asbah :) your humble nature makes you all more dear !!


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