January 20, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

This is a story at the start of time when there were three guys who always travelled together! Good, Bad and Ugly!

The ideal person to walk this earth,

All qualities imbibed in him,

Hope, Joy, Compassion, Valor,

Most perfect he would seem!

People dreamt of being like him,

And from their heart, respected Good,

Everyone applauded his work,

Emulated him as hard as they could!

Good was so full of himself,

He forgot about everyone else,

Oblivious to his companion's fate,

He strutted through life's ways!

He was everything that Good was,

Equal in every way,

Was in the wrong place at the wrong time,

That was where his fault lay!

He always accomplished things,

which anyone else could not,

That made him the object of envy,

People hated him a lot!

Perceptions existent through time,

Proved to be his bane,

Dejected with his share of fate,

Bad felt his life was in vain!

He was the quietest of the lot,

Always occupied with something,

Things he did were so hideous,

Even the brave hearted would cringe!

Ugly was evil to the core,

Causing conflicts and hurt,

People were busy praising Good and criticisng Bad,

No one noticed Ugly's vile work!

Ignorance was what Ugly fed on,

Growing in stature each passing day,

With time Good and Bad seemed miniature,

Ugly was deciding the world's fate!
Good, Bad and Ugly are existent everywhere. They walk among us, reside inside us. Its important to harness the good, acknowledge and understand the bad and nip the ugly in the bud!


  1. Ignorance was what Ugly fed on,
    Growing in stature each passing day,

    All negative things grow thus !!

    well written :)

  2. inspiration in its full form..

  3. @ Prats
    Glad u likd it! :)

    @ Kajal
    TY! :)


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