January 15, 2009

Damn !

Ok, I guess I am too late for the Ascension" Short Fiction Contest in Clarity of Night" . But hey, I came up with something.It's really really short.And I wrote it in like 10 minutes.So I am sorry if there's a mistake or you don't like it :P.... Here it is.

I was in the escalator when I saw her. I was going down and she was coming up. She looked really familiar. Our Eyes finally met. She gave a smile. So I did know her after all. But who was she? School, College….Damn! I had a pretty bad memory. She kept on looking at me till I reached the ground floor. Gosh! Whoever she was, she was damn pretty.

As I was about to turn and go back home, almost cursing my bad memory, I suddenly saw her rush to take the escalator, the one which I had taken minutes ago.
She definitely knows me I thought. A few paces and she would be near me and damn I don’t even have a good deo on. As she came a meter close……............

Somebody shouted from behind in an extremely girly way…………..

Hiiiiiiiiii Purva….Such a looong Time naa!!!!

What the …….?

I had made a complete fool of myself.


  1. Hahaha!

    1. You dont need to be sorry :)
    2. 10 mins..??? You are good!

    How do you guys come up with such nice things so fast!!?

    Reminder to self : Will post contests I know of in the WL as a separate post! I love what we are "churning out"

  2. it happens re

    similar happened to me...but i was only 17 then
    that too in college....

  3. reminds me of a similar incident...that was really embaraassing

    this handsome prefect of my school waves and smiles looking my side...i hardly believe my kuck and wave back..but he actually does that to a girl behind me..i juust wished i cud get burried underground..!!

  4. hehehe....Funny..!!

    I've been fooled like that so many times man..!!

    Nice.. Came up in 10 mins.. Gr8..


  5. @ everyone

    It happens doesn't it....But this one's Fiction ...Not a true Incident....And I hope this doesn't happen to me :D


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