January 17, 2009

Awaiting an answer

 I wish I could tell you
That it was that one look
That it was that what you said
And it was all that it took.

I wish I could answer
All your queries of 
How, when and why, but
In love, all this seem to dwarf.

Where did it start
I have no clue
All I know is, when I'm
With you time just flew.

The rest is in your hands
Is my fate sealed with a kiss
Or a heart-breaking
No, Thank you, miss?

The last paragraph of this is inspired by the Crazy Town song "Butterfly".... :D And I might not be there for a week..So people miss me! I will be back I promise... There better be a lot of stuff for me to read... And I hope to get a reply to this soon! :) [Hopefully from the person I ask this from]



  1. hope u get ur answer rashi and that too soon :P

    and we will miss u dear...all the best fr ur papers svthrt...

    and as usual a gr8 poem...

  2. we will definitely miss u..no doubt abt that..!

    nice poem


  3. will miss u 4 sure! I m sure ull get a reply! :)

  4. @Rashi: hey will miss you girl! come back soon...with the way the posts are growing i am sure reading everything will be a hurculean task..

    still undergoing training for compliments for you.. :P wonderfully penned.

  5. will miss ur for sure

    good luck for exams

    nice poem

  6. left u a reply! hopefully it is wat ur spl sumone wld giv u! All my heartfelt wishes r wid u! :)

  7. rashi got a reply... and a nice one at that! :D

  8. aww, pretty neat
    enjoyed the simplicity of this one, and one four lines took me away, simply.
    i hope we both will back with a bang :) and i hope it be soon!


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