December 15, 2008

That rainy Sunday.

It was one of those rainy Sundays in July. It was raining cats and dogs. Ramu had gone outside to get some bread when it started raining heavily. It almost seemed as if somebody was pelting stones from high up there. As usual, he had no protection from the rain. Just then, a paperweight was flung at him and hit his temple. Ramu checked for blood. Luckily, he wasn’t bleeding though the throw was quite powerful.

Sukhvinder, in the house Ramu just passed by had flung that at his drunkard brother, who got drunk instead of buying medicine for his father. It was raining heavily and with floods forecasted, all the neighboring dispensaries were closed. Jaspal not only did not bring back any medicine, but also spent the money in binge drinking.

He noticed that Ramu was hurt and apologized for the accident. If it were any other person, the episode would have ended there. But Ramu was somewhat curious by nature. After Sukhvinder left the scene, he stayed on and listened to the dispute. The squabbling continued. Sukhvinder had little hope of saving his father. He was delirious with fever and the prescribed drugs were to be bought from a dispensary that was closed down early due to rains. The closest doctor too had left the neighborhood.

But then, something miraculous happened. Sukhvinder said out aloud the names of the injections that he needed. And by sheer luck, Ramu's grandmother had the same ailment some time ago and was cured by the very same prescription! Moreover, he happened to know that there was still a stock leftover from those that she was taking. Ramu made a dash home and got his grandma’s kit that had the same. Without any delay, Sukhvinder gave an injection to their shivering father.

That rainy Sunday will never be forgotten. It was a sign from Providence that Inderdeep had some years more to live. Ramu became more than a family friend and was now like a third brother to Jaspal and Sukhvinder. None could forget that how on that rain drenched evening this curious young boy had saved their father's life. With days, the old man got better. Jaspal left drinking after the incident and a month later, applied for a job. Sukhvinder, a farmer had a healthy harvest this season to keep the family going.

And they lived happily ever after.

Word Count: 398


  1. too happy kinda filmy ;)

    on a serious note, its nice and different :)

  2. Thanks for appreciating.. call the other guys over to check it out..

    Am sleeping now, will check it out first thing in the morning.

  3. For a second i thought it was Stephan's post.... U have similar styles...

    The story is nice buddy... :)

    But as Pretty said, it's maybe a little filmy...


  4. thanks arjun.. it seems hasn't gone well with the rest of the public..

    will try again.. soon..

  5. Ahh.. I think I missed a lot during my weekend slumber! :P

    I think it was a breath of fresh air after reading a lot of sad posts about the rain..

    A little filmy as said before...But I liked it!


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