December 6, 2008

Selfish Pursuit

Many things your eyes tell me
But it's just one I choose to hear
The Selfish pursuit of my heart, O Beloved
The friendship seems to disappear
Torn between two ends, I choose the end I most desire
Without thinking, if it's the same you want
I run towards what I just named
The Selfish Pursuit of my heart, O Beloved
I resolve not to be selfish
Be your true friend, without wanting anything more
But my heart wants something else more
A split of the mind with the heart, I have encountered before
But a split of the heart with the conscience, never before.
What shall I choose?
The Selfish Pursuit of my heart, O Beloved
Or the voice of conscience, like always before...

1 comment:

  1. woah..!! Tat was nice...
    Nice build up to the end...
    I'm a no-brainer when it comes to poems...
    But distinctly i loved to read this..



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