December 1, 2008

Scary dream

This is my first (a little pessimist) post here.. Thanks for accepting me here... I'm looking forward to post much more and have loads of fun...

Last night, I saw a scary dream. It was pathetic and terrifying. But what was the scariest part about it? It was true. I saw unspoken words being spoken, unexpressed emotions being expressed and I saw the truth. I have been living in denial. I saw that in front of me. I saw reality.

What happens when people set out on a journey and one person realizes that this journey isn’t for them? What is the other person to do? We weave our lives. But what do you do when it is all over? I know move on. Live life. But how? Time heals. But how? And why should I be made to give up my dream? Why should my heart break for somebody else’s fickle mindedness. I know you told me that you were weird and fickle but you also said that you would be with me forever.


  1. a very touchin post rashi..and very true...esp liked d last line..
    hmmm..dont know why love is so painful..

  2. i love the ending.. i told you before.

    well Pri, My one liner for love is:

    Love comes in packet of tears, its alright to cry.

    comming to the post, i know sometimes you wake up from a sweet dream to a nightmarish reality that, sadly, leads to no awakening.

    Time heals, with two alternates:

    1) I have forgiven but that doesnt mean that i have forgotten and stopped hating you.

    2) If i dont hate you doesnt mean that I have forgiven you.

    ste any more options?

  3. very right does cum in packets of tears...but why??
    why can't it bring happiness..........for a change!!

  4. Priyanka and Asbo,

    Love comes in packets of tears so that we can value the one who wipes our tears... Its not like they want us to cry (the ones that truly love us) but things happen. We too should learn to forgive them for it. Unless it happens too many times.

    Love is all about forgiving and looking past all their mistakes and short comings..

  5. all said, nothing done in love and pain !


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