December 28, 2008

Re: My Last Letter For You!

Dearest I.
myy my are you mad? wen i mailed me i was taking tea ( i checked the tym even) listen this tym u did sumfin rong i am going to slap u and i reely mean it u got it? and i am in no more jokng mood neither i am chilling i was after tea busy in scheduled meeting or else i wud ve called u at ur home i knw i knw u switched off ur cell ( dare u smile!) i hate wen u do such things life ios not wat u think ... olright i know you are realistic but still gals are not tht realistic...
I love you!
Take care and for heavensake dont do nythng rong till i get bak!

& yes ilove the pink colour... :P



  1. read and loved it before dear :)

  2. What is this?

    I dont know, but I dont like this type of writing ... I'm sorry if I sound hursh ... but wat ws ths? I mean, why cant we write ENGLISH in here, if we are writing English?

    I dont know ... maybe I'm a bit old fashioned and do not like this a bit ... This SMS language will do no good to the lounge or the English Literature and will (in fact) harm the Writer and Reader and their English!!

    Tan :)


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