December 22, 2008

A Rainy love story

This poem was written by me and my friend together while we travelled back home one day and it was raining outside. This was formed within an hour by exchange of few messages -

Some drops touched mud,some on flowers
only few were lucky to embrace her lips
as they slid down her open eyelids.

She welcomed them with her open palms
while others ran for shelter,she
stood there,under rain's charms.

He felt glad from her carefree dance,
it made him say "i love you dear"
as she stepped into his open arms.

Oh rain you bring so much of love,
but where does love vanish
when you are not around here?

In his arms she felt warm
and so much cared,but it never
lasted untill the rain fare.

She felt her freedom arrest,
wanting to get free,dancing
in the rain,unlike rest.

She enjoyed rains but he sulked more
when for the mud puddles on the road,
she left him sitting all alone.

She called him to be under the sky
to walk cozily,hand in hand
how much she would have enjoyed.

Rain stopped,its sunny around
is he the one destind for me,
she searches for answers about

In the burning heat she walk ahead
but to find a shade over her,he was
there with an umbrella over her head.

He was the one guy to be lost never,
his presence answered all questions..
whether rainy or not,they walk together, hand in hand..

Happy forever..!!!


  1. I love it even more when ballads have happy endings!!! :)

  2. Oh..!! as usually lovely..!!

    I keep using the same expressions..... Actually i've rn out of it...

    I just loved the first para...

    I'm not a poetry guy as such... But with ur poems, I can read them whole day...
    I cant explain y.... but yes..


  3. same here Neha !!! i love happy endings !! :)

  4. Arjun,, u r not the first one to say that you can read my poetry even if u r not a poetry guy .. but no 1 has yet told the reason to me !! neway its my pleasure to have a reader like you !! :)


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