December 18, 2008

The Rains are a'coming!!

The winds are strong, and I can feel the salty taste on my skin. It has been a long time coming, but I know it wouldn’t hold out any longer. After all, it’s the monsoon season!

The monsoon in this area has always fulfilled its promises. I would know. I’ve lived here all my life. All 6 years of it.

It’s been an awesome time here. I’ve had my good days and I’ve had those adventurous ones too. Youthful, unbridled joy comes to mind when I see those beautiful blades of grass, fresh in anticipation of the shower they are about to receive. I can even smell the mud. . . . You know, that wet mud smell that comes before every shower. It heightens my pleasure to think of the amazing feast we all will have once the rain stops. My pot belly grumbles; as though its angry, wishing the rain would start; almost willing it to start.

Though it’s been good, I’ve had my share of problems too. Like that time when the ugly neighbor kid who loved to chase around the poor butterflies with a net, spotted me, and decided to have some ‘Real Fun’ that day! He sneaked up and struck out at my leg when I was not looking, forcing me to hop and jump and scream in absolute pain! Thank God his mom called him just then. Another time he had almost poked my eye out with that death stick. Mom did tell me not to visit him or his garden thereafter. “An evil kid he is. I don’t want you anywhere near him. Do you understand? I guess I have to listen to her once in a while. . .

Now It’s time I did what all of us have to do. The monsoon demands it of us. I’m not complaining of course. To be frank, I’m rather proud of the job they gave me. It’s an honor after all, to be the harbinger of Good Times!

There! I see thunderclouds approaching! Just the look of those menacing clouds brings joy to everyone’s hearts! My voice is louder than an elephant’s trumpet, they say! (I can’t be sure though; Never met one of those mammoths!)

Now step aside, dear! Let me do my job!

So here goes:

“Hey Guys! The Rains a’Coming!!

Croak! Croak!

Ribbid! Ribbid!


Word Count : 395


  1. This was so cute! I kept thinking it was a girl till the very end! Either you were good or Im really dumb :P I hope you were good! :D

  2. LOL !!! i imagined a butterfly till the end !!!

    wow !!


  3. At Rashi
    I meant it to be that way, though i had a little boy in mind
    Hope you liked it

    At pretty,

    A butterfly?
    Glad you liked it

  4. hehe.. Rashi, u r not dumb... even I felt the same....
    or wait- .. maybe we both are dumb...

    Sry for the crap....

    Super post dude. Before reading the post I saw the pic of the frog there, so tat spoilt my read.. I mean, I knew the ending. But u've done a gr8 job really... One would never imagine wat u were actually talking abt.. Try to remove the big photo there.. :)


  5. awww that was so cutee.. hehe :) lovely read

  6. @ Arjun,

    Do you read the last page of the novel too? SPOILSPORT !

  7. i have seen the picture and read the hop so i know its a frog.

    Totally loved it.

    Realization to self: Deep down inside i am a green frog!

  8. that was nice!
    nice suspense kept till the end


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