December 28, 2008

My Last Letter For You!

Dearest (i dont want to write the name)!
I am a mentally unstable person i deny every single belief when I lose my faiths, beleives and relations.. Zindagi guzarnay ke apnay dhang or tareeqay hain meray mujhe dost ki kami hameesha se rahi hai shyed isliye ke main achi dost naheen hon par aj se i am in no more search of friendship i am quiting-off this task i am quiting off every task i was involved-in I am leacing internet my cellphone and every other possible way of commmunication with you i know you wont be reading this even!. kiun ke in sab se sirf mai effect ho raheen hon i am leaving you with whom with rest of your "FRIENDS" as you have many but i am again alone! I leave you on this note i loved you but... its not your mistake the mistake is again mine but ...... i know i am a person with loads and loads of "if's" and "but's"


  1. ?? !! :( ->> :) better :P... ;)


    And I dunno Hindi :(

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  3. I could not read it properly ... almost no punctuation ... and ... I dont know ... what to say ... Did not understand ...

    Are you writing this to someone in particular, who can read you here?? I guess so, and I hope not!!

    Tan :)


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