December 1, 2008

Member of Month - November

Well,this time we have a new member of our lounge emerging as the member of the month.The competition was very close .The runner up was just one point below the winner.I present Miss Priyanka as the Member of month for November.

Here are the details,
Priyanka 18 (33%)
Lover 17 (31%)
Mona 9 (16%)
Stephen 7 (12%)
Shruti 3 (5%)

I congragulate Miss Priyanka.She will get the following badge which will be displayed on her blog.

My wishes to the other members who participated.

Poll for the member of month - December will be open after 5/12/2008.

Keep checking this post for more details.

Regards ,

Sandeep Balan


  1. thanks ste for d quick sms to inform me of d post..hehe...
    d badge is really nice :) ....mera khud ka blog banane ka mann kar raha hai just to put dis badge...haha...
    i wish i cud start is so messed up right now!! lets see...

    thanks all!

  2. oyeee cum u r online today?? hostel nhi gyi??

  3. Congratulations, Priyanka :)!!!

    Glad for you!!!

  4. God, ste.. you know all han?

    congrats pri you really really deserved it :)

  5. lol

    asbah wht u mean by u know all ???

    and yeah prii deserved it


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