December 1, 2008

.Bringing down the beast.

It’s unimaginable what human beings are capable of doing to each other. Three days of mayhem in Mumbai leaves us stunned and asking a lot of questions.

The attack wouldn’t have happened if the young perpetrators, before setting off to kill innocent people have had asked themselves; is it worth fighting and dying for an ideology or a political cause that demands the blood of 5000 innocents? If there is a force that is smart enough to convince the worthiness of this cause and mentally prepare educated young men to kill innocent civilians, then that’s the enemy we have to bring down.

A war against terrorism can’t be won with weapons and tactics because rules of a conventional war don’t apply here. You can cut off the funding and burn down the infrastructure of a terror organization, but how can you fight a highly motivated terrorist? You just can’t. Of course, you can neutralize him, but it’s just a matter of time before someone replaces him. ‘One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter’ I believe this was said about Yasser Arafat, after his death. To the Palestinians he was a great freedom fighter and the Israelis considered him as a terrorist. While we thank our armed forces for killing those terrorists, a group of aspiring ‘freedom fighters’ might be keenly listening to the inspiring story of how ‘a few young men lost their life fighting the evil Indian armed forces’ and they will soon arm themselves to fight and die like their heroes.

People in the Indian subcontinent have lost faith in the political system. Most of Pakistan’s politicians are educated in the west and have charming personalities. But they are just the pretty political faces of the country; they don’t have control over their army, the ISI or anything for that matter. These politicians are so helpless, they risk losing their head if they criticize the army of make a move against the local terror groups. Pakistan has become a safe haven for breeding terrorists who are capable of doing unimaginable crime against humanity.
In India, political parties are like warring clans. Close to 200 people have died in the Mumbai attack and the opposition leader was not ready to visit the place along with the Prime Minister, nor was he willing to attend an all-party meeting, fearing that it might help the ruling party in the coming election.

We have forgotten that the power lies in our hand. We let a petty politician like Raj Thackeray unleash terror on North Indian immigrants. He ordered his henchmen to strike upon the poorest of poor. Where is he now? He hasn’t uttered a word since the terror attack, maybe AK57 and grenades are too much for him to comprehend. There were reports of three MPs stuck in Taj during the attack. MPs usually have their dinner in five star hotels? Who is paying for their luxuries? We must not let anyone rise above the law or forget his responsibilities to the nation.

This gruesome incident has brought us together as a nation, stories of selfless sacrifice will be always remembered and a stronger faith in our country will bring down this beast one day.


  1. A very candid insight into these tragic events that unfolded before the world. These are crimes against humanity. Indians or foreigners, Muslims or Hindus or Christians, we should all unite for this cause. No questions asked!

  2. What you have penned down sums up the situation exactly! Terror attacks are becoming a regular occurrence in the world, different cults are claiming to be victims of misdeeds and are retaliating back.
    Their anger has tainted all those that they have touched, their hatred has scarred the lives of many. What repulses me is the unnecessary waste, the waste of beauty, the waste of life, the loss of creativity in the form of all those who could have contributed so much to the world, the loss of love. Those terrorists who lost their lives as well were only candles, who attracted attention for some time and then faded away. The flame was ignited by people who are not even worthy of being called humans, who did it for a cause that did not even deserve such a sacrifice.
    The fact is that these people who demand their rights, who state that they are victims, who claim that they are fighting for a selfless cause are all empty vessels, they will use those who are brave and strong enough to lay down in the path of fire, they will hide behind them and strike at people who are equally brave and strong. The sad part is that they are successfully manipulating people and if this continues, we will lose all these brave hearts and all we will be left with is an empty world, devoid of any colour.
    What will these manipulators do then? Are they capable of constructing a building like Taj, or leading a successful company; do they have the ability to do anything constructive? If we were to even grant their wishes, they would still find something to complain about, something to cry about, their dissatisfaction is a plant whose roots are deep within their minds. How do you deal with such people? How do you reason with the irrational?

  3. @ Sadia..

    Exactly.. at the end of the day, it's mother losing sons and kids losing parents.. this has to stop..


    If the terrorists are so determined in proving a point by killing innocent civilians, why don't they start with their family and loved ones?


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