December 9, 2008

"Rain Drenched Lounge" contest announcement

Ok,this time we have decided to arrange a contest for our members .Thanks to Asbah for coming up with this idea and Sandeep for suggesting the name for this initiative. And i thank myself in advance for making that elusive badge which will adorn the blog of the winner.

"Rain Drenched Lounge" contest

The rules and details are given below.
1) The central theme of the story is rain.
2)The story should not exceed more than 400 words.
3)The story should contain a title and there should be an image associated with your story that should be posted along with the story in writers lounge.
4)At end the participant is expected to write the word count.

Terms and Conditions:
1)This contest is valid for the members of this community.In case if you want to take part ,then you may leave your email id on the shout box .One of the administrator may invite you to the group blog.
2 )Entries should be made on or before 25th December,2008.
3) Members can post multiple entries on the theme here. But you will mail us only the entry which you want us to consider for the award.
4) The contest will be judged by a writer whose name will be revealed later.
5)The results will be announced by 9th January,2009 .
6)The winners name along with the 1st and the 2nd runner up will be announced on 9th January 2009
The winner will get a badge from Writers Lounge.

At the same time, the pariticipants are expected to mail their posts in word format along with the word count to

Thanks "Pretty Me" n "Tan" for already posting your stories and helping us making this initiative successful. They have weaved beautiful stories and would like others to follow suit. Would request "Tan" to post the story from his id here and remove it from the comments section. Leave in your email id in the Shoutbox so that we could add you to the family.

Please refrain from posting other stuff apart from the stories for this contest till 25th December, 2008. We will be closing the lounge for general posts/rants during this time period. This is just to ensure that the contributions for this contest dont get lost and people who contribute get maximum support as well as dedicated readership. If anyone does want to notify other lounge members of a new post on their blog, please feel free to use the Shoutbox. We regret the inconvenience caused. We guess it should be a great experience reading different takes on rain. We are just facilitating the same and ensuring that your stories get read. A humble request to all talented writers here on writers lounge to try their hand and churn up a story for contest. Writers Lounge Rocks! And you all make it rock! Cheers!!


  1. so i now mail you the story i posted before ?? or can any one submit more than 1 enteries ??

  2. you can submit as many entries as you want Honey.

    Honestly speaking ste, I wanted it, posting only the competition entries till it lasts, to make sure every post comes in the lime light.

    Thankyou for voicing us Ste, we're proud on you :)

  3. haha.. and you stop being modest Twin, (my calling you twin is vindicated in the other blog but for the sake of readers here i will repeat: Since we lack a nick for sandeep, I have a liking for the word twin, since he is so much like our twin, i think i will like to call him so, which in elaborated meaning will remain Pri's twin! and ours too)

    phew, did i make sense :p ?

  4. Oh Sorry, I just realized that i was signed in with brother's id..

    (talking about the previous post) it was me, yours truly :)

  5. sorry asbah...nobody is allowed to call him twin except me...i have a copyright over that!!
    look 4 some other nick for him plz...i m sure u wont go short for words....
    but NOT twin!!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Nice contest, guys
    I'll give it a shot as soon as my xms are over
    There's time till 31st, rite?

  8. owain pri !!! Blasphemy :p

    hehe, on a serious note, i consider your concern honey :)

    Balu somehoe reminds me of Baalu, in Jungle book :p hehe how about SB ?

  9. hey ok no twin

    hey islex

    we will call him twwin

    if she doesnt mind

    coz see spelling is different naa

    and yeah riversouls ... give a try man

  10. very funny ste!! idiot!!
    i mind!! huh!!

  11. stupid

    see twin and twinn are different

    dumbo r u blind

  12. shut up!! its not!!

    kuch aur name nahi soch sakta?? dumbo!! :P

  13. dumbo tu hai

    cant read difference btw twin and twinn

  14. any form or extension of twin is my copyright © ...hehe...see i got d symbol too!! huh! :P

    ab band kar apni ye bakwas!! :D

  15. uff guys...i thought all the 16 comments would be discussing about the contest..and here is see the discussion is all about "twin".....uffff...i hardly respond to people when people call me sandeep coz have never been called by that name ever...neither in college nor in school..he was balu all throughout...think the talespin n jungle book popularity went against me....stop the discussion....grrrrrrr....he he ;-)

  16. hahaha! i somehow missed all the fun here :D

    LOL.. SB, till any further change/alteration in your nick. Or as I said it earlier, since you bore the our-exotic-nick-giver crown SB, I can wait till i have it to have my mind working on some nicks :p or that my muse, somehow, returns from it/her excursion !

  17. So, who won? Is it Twin or Twwin or Twinn??

    Stephen seems to lost his own track of nicks for Balu ... He has to decide, if its Twwin or Twinn .. But, I'm hurt that you left the fight in middle ... c'mon ... who wins?

  18. lol tan
    its just for fun man

    we like pulling each others leg

    hope u read

    legend of sandeep malan series
    u will knw us better

  19. hmmm ... I got that ...

    You people have posted some 300+ posts ... reading all those is practically impossible for me ... I am reading all the posts here - for the contest. It feels good. I have been writing since childhood - but never did I get into such a league of Extra Ordinary Gentlemen (and women). Nice to be here ... Will know you guys closely ... give me some time and your love ... That will do ... :)

  20. Interesting....lemme think n post a decent one soon. All the best to my fellow contestants...

  21. Nice thought :)

    And all the best to the participants and the judges:)

    Hope all of you have a good time.

    God Bless!

  22. Well, Thanks Usha .. But I doubt that the Judges would be having a good time ... with all the posts, and if you read them, you would understand that it is going to be a trying time for the judges!!!

    Watch it ...


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