November 16, 2008

Wedded Bliss

Energy was in the air - a collective energy of 150 people in perfect coherence with the loud beat of the music and a universal joy. 

She was the only one out of sync with this Universe. Her disconnect was hidden by a smile. A discomfort was seeping through her entire body, originating at her legs or was it the brain? They say the brain sends out signals to the legs to flee when in danger. It was definitely the work of her twisted mind, gifted with its own rebellion gene. 

Marriage – the joyful union of two souls. Again, they say. Everything she had seen about marriage in her life pointed nowhere to a joyful union but only to two aimless souls bound together in a holy meaningless matrimony. Shouldn’t a person, like, learn from his and her mistakes? Shouldn’t they, like, create a movement strong enough to make people question marriage and it’s relevance before dreaming of one? 

May be it’s just one of those things that wasn’t for her.

“Run away, quick!” Not her brain talking, but her legs. Her composed, politically correct, rightful self makes her not run away.

 “You are killing me, you murderer!” - Again her legs talking.

 A smile gathers on her face, juxtaposed by the presence of sweat on her forehead. No one is looking at her. Good. 

“I need to sit down” – her mind, feeling her legs, which are getting wobbly.

 Slowly she walks keeping her face straight, hoping no one questions her discomfort, praying for another wedding ceremony to pass through without arousing suspicion. She finds a seat and concentrates on a glass of vodka, desperately hoping she could have one. She decides to focus on something else. A tree. Oh whee! 

 The bride and groom tie the knot. The music gets livelier. The crowd gets cheery.

 “No one would notice now if I scream” – she thinks.

 She decides not to. Nothing should go wrong in this drama.

 The ceremony is over. Everyone congratulates the couple. She finds a familiar face, someone who won’t find her gamophobia abnormal. She walks towards him and he looks at her, breaks into a smile. 


“Yes please, but my parents are here. I can’t drink in front of them” 

“Go around the corner to the backyard. I’ll sneak one out for you”

“You are a sweetheart!” 

“And you are a mess. Why can’t you just… adhere?” 

“All in the messed up genes, honey”


  1. Nice post... but you ended it suddenly... would love to see what happens further on :)

  2. Endings usually come suddenly. Its just one of those moments in life that disappear. :)

  3. wow wow... wonderfully written..
    I can never imagine myself being able to write this way... very gripping..

    Keep Posting..



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