November 15, 2008

One Bemused Evening..!!

(Here's another fiction coming your way.)

Mr. Barack Obama, walking across me and Mr. George Bush( 2 spoilt brats) sitting by in one of the well known pubs in Washington. We were out vexing Mr. Obama.
Bush – “ Is the kid old enough to get a ‘driving license’ of his own ??”

Me – “ His aunt, Hillary would drive him, don’t you worry.”

Bush – “ Oh!, so Bill must be happy that his wife’s finally employed, eh !! Muahahaha ……. ”
Mr. Obama turned towards us, digged his gun out and and shot at us and said – “Obama..........Barack Obama..” Within seconds, we were both transported to hell.

My cell phone rang, I sprung out of my bed, muttering “ again, the same dream !! Oh God.!!.”
I answered the phone, on the other side was my childhood crony, Roshan.

Roshan – “ It is 6pm now. You were supposed to be here by 5pm assisting me in arrangements for today’s re-union party at my home.”

Me – “ Oh yeah. Sorry, I was busy vexing Mr. Barack Obama.”

Roshan – “What?”

Me – “Nothing, nothing.”

Roshan – “ You ass, make it fast. ”

Me – “ You bet, I’ll be there in 5 mins.” We hung up.

My phone showed me some news – ‘5 missed calls from my girl – Nikitha(my classmate from school)’. I had coined her a shitty nick name – ‘Nikks’, inspired by bollywood movies, you see.
Anyway, I took the risk of calling her up.
She – “ What were you upto whole afternoon?? What is with your stupid phone? Why din’t you receive ?”
Too many questions at a time for a poor guy.

Me – “I was busy studying for exams. Kept my cell phone far away so that I’m not distracted. You’ve got to concentrate you see. ”

She – “ Very funny. I wasn’t born yesterday. See you at the party, you idiot.” For the favour of me coining a nick name, she’s made a countless number of such ones for me. Presently its ‘idiot’.

I may take this occasion to say that we are the most light-hearted couples around. That literally means, I can get away with almost anything.

Anyway, after the tedious process of ‘ selective and smart dressing’, I reached Roshan’s place, eventually after 1 hour. The party was a re-union of a few of our classmates in school. All arranged by the ‘socially active’, presently furious over me and an extrovert Mr. Roshan.

Me – “ Hii..!! ”

Roshan – “ Fuck you. ”

Me – “Ya. . whatever. So what have I got to do now? Has the food arrived?”

Roshan – “Everything’s already arranged, you ass.” ( I would have, under normal circumstances smacked him on his nose for addressing me a ‘ass’ for the second time. But, I’m a born gentleman. Anyway, the world is busy coining nick names.)

Just to play with him a little more, I said – “ The arrangements look awful.”

The intelligent Roshan realized, it was of no use and hence just walked away without a word.

Meanwhile, the hall had filled in it’s capacity with pompous people. The congregation looked good. It was nice meeting all these guys after ages. Hugs & enquiries were all around. Non-punctual Nikks wasn’t here yet. My first crush, Shreya was here, accompanied with her boy friend. The world has lost all it’s ‘singles’, I wondered. Everyone dinned at her presence in the party. She was staring at me, with a sweet smile. We were rekindling the never lost, perpetual, clandestine chemistry between us. I reciprocated the stare and the smile. Like all guys, her boyfriend was observing this. So, I went forward to talk to him.

Me – “Hi, you remember me? I am Arjun”

Him – “Of Course. You remember me? I’m Raj.”

Me – “Yes, I do.” Not at all.
Enough of him, now to Shreya.

Me – “Hey, how have been doing? Longtime…… ” My eyes said – You look gorgeous in black.

She – “I’m good. You ?”

Me – “I’m good too. Where do u put up now?” You look very pretty with loose hair.

She – “Same place. Where’s Nikks?”

Me – “She’ll be here anytime now.” You still look awesome.

Meanwhile, somebody pinched me on my back. It was Nikks. “ Hello everyone”, she announced her presence. Gorgeous Shreya & the boy with bollywood’s favourite name ‘Raj’, responded. I just smiled.

Alongside, I observed a guy (my ex-classmate, of course), sitting in a corner, with a dull face. He never ventured to speak to others. He was sitting isolated, he seemed intimidated. God knows why. He was off-color. With this sight, I almost missed Shreya ji asking me – “ Can you show me to the hand wash?”
Me – "yeah sure. Follow me.” Your hair spray smells great.

On the way, I again noticed that guy, still sitting battered. After showing her the way, I approached the guy and said – “ Hey, You are Rajesh right? I’m Arjun. How are you? Why are you sitting alone?’
He din’t reply. Din’t even bother to look at me.

I continued – “ Shall I get you something to drink?”
Again, no answer, no reaction.

Disgusted by his cavalier attitude, I said firmly – “See dude, this is a party. We are here to enjoy. Cheer up. Nobody wants to see you this way.”
He finally turned towards me. He was alive.
He said “I am madly in love with a girl since 3 years now. She’s here. I want to propose my love to her.”

Me – wow, that’s great. What better time and place to do so. Go on my boy, go on.”
I saw a smile and a cheer on his face, finally.

Me – “Go on. Go on. I’m there for you.”

Him – “Thanks.”

Me – “ Who’s the girl?”

He din’t reply. Instead, he started hurling across the hall, and went straight to Nikks and said to her - “Hey Nikitha, I’ve been madly in love with you since 3 years now. Please do accept my proposal. I’ll go mad without you. Ask Arjun if you doubt me . He propagated me to come up here to you.”

"Dear almighty"

All the eye-balls in the hall gaped at me. I was ‘out-of-stock’ for reactions.

1 hour later, on the way back, me driving, in my car, with a question mark stamped on my forehead. Nikks, seated next to me, still laughing her life out. Shreya and Raj seated behind, with Shreya emanating stares at me through the ‘rear-view’ mirror. Mr.Raj carelessly looking out of the window.

“What a bemused evening….!!!”


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  2. ha ha....really funny man! lol..
    gud arjun..keep postin such stuff..

  3. hey it ws funny ,but its fiction naaa

    keep posting dude

  4. yes it's fiction dude...
    Thanks.. ;)

    Thanks Priyanka and Mona as well.. :)


  5. ha ha ha that was funny..

    glad to know it was friction :P


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