November 12, 2008

A tribute to the prince

As the sun dipped in the earth’s bosom
The mighty Emperor took a “bow “

A silent tear trickled unseen,
Thunder and lightening
Sparkled and gurgled
Regaling, the blue-blooded Lord….

He brought glory
To the million hearts
Aroused passions, umpteen times
Indomitable spirited winner…

The changed winds tempted
His inborn resolve,
Sustaining the tempest
The burning spirit swaggered alone…

Now the time has come
To change the course of destiny
Sharing, caring and blessing
His subject with a born felicity ….

He bids adieu, with dignity,
Paving a path of glory
For dreams to become a reality
Reviving a charged fraternity….

PS.This poem is not written by me .This is written by Sunita Madam and the whole credits go to her.


  1. man! dada seems to b the flavour at writers lounge right now!! 3rd post on dada!! itne fan bhare hain!! :D

    well ste...tell sunita maam dat its a really nice poem..very well written...ask her to join in here!

  2. even i feel sad.. dada is going.. pretty soon that whole generation will say good bye to our fav sport..

    and i agree with priyanka dada is very much in demand.. :)

  3. arey...vo to main num of dada dedicated posts dekh k bol rhi thi...!!
    main dada fan nhi hu!! :D

  4. wow.. Thats wonderful for a poem...
    About Dada, there is a feeling of loosing something prestigious...
    Nice POst..



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