November 15, 2008

Through the darkness....

The sun used to shine,
My world was so bright,
Till I entered this tunnel,
Where there's no light....

I struggle to breathe,
The air's so still,
It's pitch dark in here,
And silence that can kill....

The surroundings are unfamiliar,
With not a soul to trust,
Fears fill up my heart now and then,
It's just waiting to burst....

Tears trickle down my face,
As I crave for a friend,
The sadness just keeps expanding,
It seems that there's no end....

But I fight through with hope,
And keep trying to find my way,
For there's surely light at the other end,
As they all say....

One day I'll reach,
To where I truly belong,
Where the music of life will play,
And my heart shall hum a song....

The sun will again shine,
And put an end to my pain,
The darkness will vanish,
And I'll smile again!!!!!


  1. heyy..such a lovely poem mona!!
    so..after a long wait...hmm..its home..!! great...two more we can get atleast two more poems.. ;)

  2. nice poem.. hope you get real light at the other end of the tunnel, and not the light from what is usually said by pessimists.

    so what is the tunnel all about? can i assume it implies your work environment?

  3. its gr8....i mean u will come out of ur sorrows and relieved from pain and frwns ....darkness will vanish and am sure u wd smile again....

    nice way of expressing a sad experience whre one lives along with strangers in a place whic is unfamiliar......2nd last stanza was a beauty .....hats off to poet....

    gr888888...kudos yaar

  4. nice and simple... :)
    Gives a smile..



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