November 20, 2008

Ana Sidranskova - the blessed child 3

To Isabelle, Grace was everything. She loved her like crazy. It is a natural tendency of every mother to kiss their kids. Isabelle used to kiss Grace at least 50 times in a day. It was 24th November 1938, Grace was crying hard for around 2 hours. Even Mariane could not spot out the reason. The baby girls face was red by now. Isabelle soon rushed to the baby. She unhooked her bra and breast fed the baby. The baby was showing signs of sleep .Isabelle continued feeding the baby. Marianne was on her way to the market to fetch some vegetables and fruits. Captain Frankesten ordered us to clear of the Serbians living in Milan. We soon left for the place."Round uppp!!,'We surrounded the camp where the Serbians lived. Marianne soon hid when she saw us. Her watchful eyes became more watchful .We knocked the door and pulled Jacob, Joseph and we did not even spare the young woman who was feeding the baby. Peter Penki tried kissing Isabelle, as a result of which Jacob got annoyed. Jacob kicked soldier Peter as his hands were firmly held by other officers. Seeing this, Peter took his gun and shot Jacob on the spot in front of his wife and his father.Mariane was hiding behind a large tree whose branches reached the periphery of the tree.Mariane’s eyes started shedding out tears. The sky started weeping too. The other Italians were just standing like spectator. There was no one to support them. I warned everyone to get back and we even dared to shoot them out. Isabelle’s face turns pale of a sudden. The baby was still sucking milk from her mother’s breast. Poor, she knew about her father’s death. Isabelle was stunned. They planned to live happily with Grace. They even thought of Grace’s future. They prayed that once the war gets over, they will return back to Serbia and live there happily. All the hopes were dropped and the dreams were shattered .Joseph could not do much. He shook his head down and Isabelle was in a standstill. Every neuron in her body took a pause.Mariane was watching everything from sidelines. I soon grabbed the baby from Isabelle. The neurons came back to life once again, she soon reacted."Gracea, Gracea!! ", she came running towards me.Peter and Robert shot her dead. Her long hairs took a sharp turn and her bra hooks remained open. She felt down on the ground with her breasts exposed. Joseph was the next on hit list and we shot him down as well.Mariane screamed and came running towards us, but an unfamiliar hand held her firmly from behind. He was Jamin.Jamin was from Belgrade and his entire family was killed by the Italian troops during the war. We soon dumped the body. The baby was still with me. We didn’t had any intention of killing the infant .This all happened on 24th November 1938.Jamin took Mariane away ,Misona soon followed them. She watched everything happened. She was amongst the spectators.Misoni was Mariane's neighbour.She has helped Mariane at times, but this time she was helpless .Mariane was the only surviving member of her family.

We soon left the place which was shed with blood all over. It still moistens my eyes when I think of it. I better prefer to stay away from those core memories. I do believe that Ana must be back, home.Sarah Jenkins was busy reading newspaper. Ana studied the presence of Sarah Aunty and hugged her from behind."Aunty!!!,"she screamed.

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  1. had to read many charactrs confused me a little...hehe..
    nice...lookin forwrd to more details on the main char ana....


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