November 20, 2008

Ana Sidranskova - the blessed child 2

(All characters are imaginary.)

"Oh shit!!,' I said as I was expecting a boy.Jane was happy with the girl child.I believed that a son would raise the heavy weights from the parents shoulder at their old age.I was not happy at all.Margarine Aunty ,my fathers sister tried to explain me the importance of a girl child.One day she even said that this baby girl wouldtake care of you.She was born one day after Christmas,so we named her "Natalie".Natalie means the birth of Jesus Christ.We named her so as she brought happiness into our family as she was the first child after many years.
Margarine Aunty was true,may be she had excelled the art of reading others future.My daughters Natalie,Tatiana and my cute angel Ana were taking care of me.My wife Jane was fond of Natalie and Tatiana ,but she could not give that much care to Ana.Jane left us when Ana was just 2 years old.Ana would be surely deprived of maternal love.Jane was suffering from a prolonged illness and oneday off a sudden she died. I was shooked.I wept and sobbed as I loved her very much.My guide,my philosopher whom I loved left me on a fine afternoon of a Sunday.I could not even attend the funeral as I had national duty.During my bad times,Jane was the one who used to stand aside me.Jane's death was a big loss for me and my family. She died on November 7th,1940, when Ana was 2 years old sucking feeding bottles.After that , Sarah Jenkins was the only person or may be a part of our family who took care of my daughters.Tatiana is like a queen to our house and she has helped me in my accounting work.Tati ,thats what we used to call her.Tatiana means a beloved Queen.She was indeed a queen.

The year 1937 ,with the advent of the World War II, our attrocities increased as the war had just began.We supported Germany ,Japan and Spain joined us at a later stage.General Frank was the ruling leader of Spain.Some times ,I used to feel what I had done was incorrect.It sometimes used to hurt me ,but I could not help .My good friend Robert used to talk about such things.1937 it was;Tatiana was 5 years old and Natalie was 9 years old.I had asked Jane to take care of the kids and not to leave the house without any reason.Our Captain Frankensten informed us about the migration of some Serbian nationalist into the city of Milan.They were
convicted of crossing borders through Romania and Austria and were accused of carrying banned weapons .The Serbians were a group of around 200 people who used to live in tents around Milan.Milan was flooded with Serbians and a bunch of Bulgarians. In those group of Serbians,there lived a family of 4 .They were the Sidranskova's. The Sidrankova's were amongst the richest family in Serbia. But to vain,at times of stress and troubles,the rich are the one's who get affected.The gem in the crown lost its spark.The royal throne broke of a sudden and they reached Italy via Romania.They lived in a place where accomodation facilities weren't available.They lived under extreme conditions .They made tents and started living in Milan.Mariane and Joseph Sidranskova were the seniormost member of the family.They
had their daughter Isabelle and son in law Jacob living with them.They both were young and still studying.Isabelle was married to Jacob at a very young age of 17.She adored him ,loved him and wanted to treasure all her life in his presence.They had big plans about their future.It was just 5 months since they came to Milan.Jacob and Joseph were working as clerk and accountant in a local bank claiming national identity.They were Serbians ,but now they were Italians to all.Isabelle and Mariane used to do the cooking job at home.Marianne was teaching grade 10 students in Serbia just before the war broke out. Isabelle was a tall fair young woman with brown hair just like Marianne.Jacob was tall and athletic as compared to his wife Isabelle.He was just 18 when he got married.Isabelle was pregnant with Jacob's child."Moma,I am concieved,"Isabelle said to Marianne."God bless you Isa,"she said to her only daughter."I will call her Grace,"she said to her mother."Holy Graceaa,ahh!!,"Mariane chanted and was happy with the name."Are you expecting girl,"Mariane asked Isabelle.Isabelle said that a daughter is a pride to a family and believed that Grace would bring back their lost glory and happiness in their life.Few months passed and a baby girl was born on May11,1938.The girl was a replica of Isabelle.Isabelle has a unique habbit of leaving her hair loose.She would always do it.The men in the family were happy too.They named the baby Grace ."Grace Sidransky!!," shouted
every one."Grace,Grace,"Isabelle was now very much attracted to her daughter."O !! Gracea!!" Isabelle loved her baby.

(To be continued..)

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