October 27, 2008



I squeeze the rose water bottle
To soothe my burning eyes.
But the drops jump out,
with their tails on fire
A futile attempts to beguile the fate
My hide and seek.
My playing game of cops and thieves

Nothing can relieve the anguish
I've myself kept for so long in vain.
For I like sweet.
And you like salt.

I cry.
And you;
with your handsome face,
Coarse voice,
And emotionless ice heart,
Leans forward.
To taste saline,
To drink my tears

Mar 17, 07.


  1. ohhh...woww asbah....why do u keep all dis hidden?? u hav a treasure to post!!
    n how do u write stuff wid such deep deep meanings!! teach me too!! ;)
    whatever i write is so simple...plain simple!!

  2. oh! silly.. no, you cant your judge yourself. can you??

  3. it was eternally beautiful Di..
    simply touching..

  4. beautiful islex......great words yaar for i like sweet and u like salt.....super yar

  5. Thankyou Thankyou !!

    i want what mona and Ani has to say about this one :)

  6. hahahaha!! lol han na zyada moved ho gaya?

  7. oh my god.. that was amazing..sorry for the delay... it actually took me some time to understand( dimwit that i am!!) ... but trust me... this one is par excellence... its awesome... i loved each line of it.. especially d sweet and salt thing.. n the last two lines... dunno how you can think like this.. brilliant... !!!! touched me nonetheless... mindblowing!!!! keep it up!!

  8. haina...had no better way to show how moved i was...novel way of showing that..right islexxxx?? alohmoraaaaaaaa...alohmoraaaaaaa...

  9. lol... thanks people, I am honored :)


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