October 30, 2008

A letter to my Akka....

17th June,1996

Dear Akka,
Its been a long time since you wrote.I still believe that you remember me and Amma.Its been years and we still live on hopes.We hope that one day you would return back to us.Many things in life are not constant.Life is not the same ever since you left us.
I still remember how Amma used to work hard for us.After dad left us when we were just kids,you and Amma worked hard for me and Meena.Being an elder child is a curse as they are the one responsible after the family head.Akka, we miss you very much.Your valuable suggestions that came out at the right time helped me a lot.You left us for some silly unacceptable reason.I will convince Amma and assure you that she will accept you if you return back to us.Now we are in a better position , but we still feed incomplete without you.
Without you our life would have been a complete mess.We were hoping against hopes when you left us.Come back akka.
Dear god, it isn't fair ,you snatched our elder sister when we were young.Did you ever know that she was like you to us.Return our sister back to us.Come back akka.We miss you.We love you akka.

Yours loving,


  1. a novel way of expression indeed...
    emotions sealed into a letter... works wonders.. doesn't it??

    yeah... everyone loves their siblings.. the pain of separation has been depicted realy wel in the letter...

    well written thambi... keep up the good work... great concept!!!

  2. nice and touching! well written ste...

  3. damn, i have written it once.. In my story it is Mahira, top notch actress who runs away from her poor home leaving mum and little kid when her dad dies and ends up being into films.. and forgot about kin..

    and her brothers once reach her and she would return back.. oldddd story.. i will tryna dig pc for it and post for you peeps!

  4. lol
    but here she left her family for a cause dear

    and she is dead read it again u will knw


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