April 4, 2017

All this while ... and for What !

She protected herself from that
She had heard but she never tried
She believed that
'To try the doomed is to become an evil'

All this while 
she guarded the integrity
by displaying animosity

Pure as anyone could be
Senile as anything could be
Escaping the stains while walking in the dark streets
She managed to remain spotless above all

All this while and for what
She asks herself now
She fell and fell so hard 
that scattered pieces are now hard for her to find

She sits and weeps
and continuously asks only one thing
All this while ... and for what !!


  1. i am sure this poem has a strong resonance with many

  2. Hi,
    How are you dear? Feels so good to be in touch with old friend.
    I too ask same often,
    " All this while ........ and for what!!"

    Do say hi in response.

  3. Oh, sorry. I thought you are Amity - writing with different name. But not. You are Smita!


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