September 17, 2016

It's been a long time...

Its been a long time, friends. My heart aches to see this place in such a state. The place that once used to be a breeding ground for talented bloggers seems shredded into pieces. Today morning, I had thought about the good times we all had here. Its true that we can't travel back to those days. But yeah, I had not seen such a fate for this place. One thing is sure that we all have moved on! That's the best part.But this place will remain as a memory, best memory for all of us. We all stayed together, learned together and wrote together in this very place. I am hopeful that this place will see the light of the day soon for it doesn't deserves such a treatment! So many memories stroll across my minds when I hit the url of this blog. Wow! down the memory lane!

We all were young then and now we have bloomed into professional. Some of us got married and some even have a kid. SO nice to hear all this!

Take care guys!


  1. Who's this? I was about to leave the group...

  2. this place was fun when I joined it , its sad to see this place like this
    people get busy with their lives but new people come and replace the busy ones and this is how this page was supposed to love till today!


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