May 7, 2012

I - Part 4

If you expect me to say I'm your friendly neighborhood then you are wrong. Nor am I just a regular guy around.
I am totally different from what you perceive to be. Not the smartest not the sexiest not the ugliest and definitely not the brightest.
The feeling of being a "Gaijin" never leaves me and haunts me 24/7.
The not so welcome everywhere.
It's not an issue anymore as I have learnt to live with it.
I can guess what you are thinking. Yes, it was not like this before.
Happiness, joy, anger, sad was all something that never existed in my world.
Peace and nothingness were the only one that existed.
No people no world.
The moment I came to earth, and came into contact with earthlings, my world changed which was just empty.
The usefulness of a cup is in its emptiness is a line by Bruce Lee.
So that means you want to use the cup.
What if the cup doesn't want to be used?
My peaceful world was suddenly filled with the emotions of an average earthling and before I could realise what happened I was just carried away with every emotion.
It was then I understood, earthlings are ones who are so dumb enough to believe what everyone says and so numb enough to not verify it.
Snapping me out from my thoughts, the door opened. A guy who claimed to be my father came. Lifted me, changed me, fed me while speaking a strange language with strange expressions which I perceived to be human emotions. He then placed me in something that had cushions and was small enough just to accommodate me. So small that the father who was standing beside me was so huge, I felt like a dwarf.
The thing started moving. It felt good as though I was gliding above the surface.
And then it came, the Sun.
Oooh, I have that Sun. Not because it ate someone's planet, but I'm just allergic to bright light. And I wanted to shout aloud. But I had no control over my vocals and all that was coming out was a noise. The light was so disturbing that the pain made me cry, out loud.
Then a women, who was walking wit the father and who claimed to be my mother did something and the light was blocked in entering my face.
"Wow, a shade" I thought, then I received a kiss on my forehead that made all my pain go away.
Magic. And I couldn't stop noticing that my face was actually smiling.

It was then I assumed that my body had adjusted to the human environment.

For the rest of my life it will be a known fact that I am different from what my body showcases, that an earthling sees.
A life that I never wanted in the first place.
Who would ever want to escape from bliss?

And I thought it was the end...


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