February 17, 2012

It’s been long that I wrote

It’s been long that I wrote
Long enough to make you feel that I am gone
To the weirdest realm of life
From where came back none!

It’s being long that I said how much I love you
For not that I have stopped loving
For not that I have stopped living
The dreams that we saw – together, once.

It’s being long that we sat together
Hand in hand; eyes in eyes.
You and me, all alone in the darkest nights
Hugging each other and bidding goodbyes.

It’s been long, I know
For I miss you all the same
Now that you are in my closest vicinity,
So close, that I don’t even have to take your name.

Come, once more
We have many more dreams to realize
Together, that we dreamt one day
From the depths of hearts, let us rise
Again, and live those wonderful moments
Come, once more
Into my arms – slowly but surely
Like olden times.

I promise, I will write more
I know we will love more
A few steps you take forwards, I’ll take a few
My heart is still filled with love
And, I love you…


  1. Thanks, Namita. Thanks, Smita...

    I am afraid that it has been a little late to come.

    But, better be late than never!

    Thanks, again :)
    ... I will write, for that's what was promised!

  2. @tan I dont know if anyone remembers who I am. Used to be here long long back. And I used to read you.

    Let me tell you, you still leave me spell bound brother. :)

  3. and I love you too , Tan <3



  4. Sigh ... the way you have so beautifully described the wave of emotions that comes with LOVE, is simply awefabtasic.

    "Come , once more .lke olden times" , is beautiful...

    Keep writing, because your words have a soul of their own )


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