September 19, 2011

Happy birthday Asbah 19/9

I've always been a fervent admirer of her work. For someone for whom writing was just more than passion ,she was a teacher. You got lots of things in life where you seek inspiration from other people. Trust me, she inspired a lot through her writings. She was a pied piper who has this strong tendency to attract people through her strong proses which definitely imbued something in people. A strong amalgamation of emotions,feelings and all other factors would define her work. She was a magician in her own way and offcourse she would drag everyone towards her. Sandeep and me had always been a strong admirer of this princess who hailed from the other land.

Sometime it makes me think I wish we belonged to the same land. Alas! we didn't. On contrary ,we possess everything and we were like minded. The intention behind creating this space was similar. A beautiful girl who would always make you smile. She was someone whose creative quotient was much high than other people. Where thoughts had words and offcourse those words would speak. We were completely taken aback when she decided to leave us. For this place ,she was an asset and for us someone who enjoyed a prime position in this place leaving us was a great loss.

Many many happy returns of the day to the sweetheart of the Writers Lounge. Happy birthday to Asbah aka Islex . Her birthday is on 19th September and my best wishes are always for her. Cause you know that we all here love you. You are the best .

PS - I don't have time to post this tommorow. So posting it today.. :) :) So lets the wishes pour for the birthday girl.... :)


  1. This post clearly shows that Asbah is fondly missed....wishing her a very happy birthday

  2. aaah....Asbah....i had the good fortune of reading her works just before she left TWL

    You are sincerely missed girl.
    Happy Budday

  3. Happy Birthday *A*, whatever is yours shall always be yours :) god bless!! U are remembered n blessed here everyday

  4. Happy birthday asbah :)
    I have read a lot about you here and all that I could make out from it is that you were a wonderful blogger but now you don't write and bless new people :( :(
    I would love to read and know about you more :) :)
    God bless :)


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