September 25, 2011

Amuse Me

I stand right here, at this point of your life,
In my glorious darkness and power,
To cradle you in my widespread arms; I
Await your final turn round the corner.
How busy you seem building mansions and
Hoarding wealth for years that go beyond me;
Desires abound, struggles incessant,
You seem so oblivious of my being.
So, you go on with your love, strife, hatred,
Deceit; at the end, the Truth will be seen.

You dream of success, high status and fame
Though you know it’s all just an illusion.
Endless moves have you planned for your life’s game,
All will cease with my sudden intrusion.
Of all things sure I am the surest; you
Know it only too well. Yes, certainly!
Still you dream of flying across skies blue
Fragile wings; while here, I wait silently.
And since you are preoccupied with my
Denial; pray, keep going, Amuse me!

~Almas Kiran Shamim



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