July 24, 2011


       They entered the hotel room, Her heart pounded. Tarun was taking care of everything, like always, from getting the room under alias name to protecting her from vulture eyes of the staff. This wasn't the way either of them had imagined it to be, but the motion of being one, subdued all the fears.
       Holding her from behind, he whispered ,"I don't know what am doing",and he turned her ,"But I can't bear this sulky distance anymore" 
       His fingers scrolled down, from forehead to lips, from shoulders to arms, making peculiar notes about her beauty.Tiny rain droplets were still visible on her face as the dew droplets on a flowers petals on a foggy morning. Water dropping, drop by drop, from her long black hair. With Wet clothes clinged to her perfect body, eyes down with excited fear, lips sealed with terror and a numb body, she gave herself up to him, thinking it as the only way to make him love her, more than he loved Nausheen.
       She had to succumb and present herself to gain his love. A relationship with such an inception,she knew, will surely have consequences. 


 "God ! Stop crying,am working", Muthu shouted.
"You never have time for me. I am just a maid, to take care of your home &  kids.",she said.
"Yes damn, now that you know this, leave me alone",he shouted , not even once looking at the lady crying her eyes out.
"You love ruining people's life with your empty egoistic attitude towards everybody, especially me and my daughter.", she grumbled.
"You love fighting and creating scenes in-front of everyone." Auraya continued crying."You are a devil in a humans' skin"
This made him furious. He rushed to hit her! Slapped her,tried choking her to death but eventually, her time to leave the world, hadn't yet come.
Pulling them apart, Neha shouted,"Stopped, will you"
Auraya cried,"You got to leave this house Neha,if you want a life for yourself. This man will only kill you"
Neha didn't know what to do.She turned towards him and said, "Maybe you are out of your mind and senses but surely you will have to face the consequences"


 "Why are you doing this to me?",She kept asking but he felt no obligation to reply.
"Are you even listening?", she started crying.
"I love you. Talk to me, Tell me what wrong I have done. Tell me how can I fix this? Please talk to me.Don't put an end to everything like this"
She tried her best to make him talk, but he was just lost in his own world.She continued grumbling her love for him when finally he spoke.
"I met my ex-girlfriend yesterday",he said,with a blank expression on his face.
Stunned and Shocked to death, she sat there, watching his lips move.
"I still have feelings for her , my heart craves to be with her and restricts me from loving you",he said.
"I don't want to be with you like this", he got up from the bench, to leave. She started crying.
"This can't be true. You have nothing in you for her. It's a lie. You can't leave me like this".
He turned and said,"It is, but the truth and if you can accept me like this, then... you must know, me being torn between two of you, might have consequences"         

Mr Muthu Kumar we need you to come with your wife quickly at your daughter's place",said inspector Samuel, coming out of the building.A large crowd had gathered outside the building.
"That girl is dead",said a voice.
"Oh, that loner", joined in another voice.
"Yeah, she hanged herself last night".
"Poor soul. She never had much visitors. Nor did she had a social circle to mix up with.",said a concerned voice.

"Kindly Clear up the premises",an announcement was made.
"You are barring the police investigation".

"Did you see somebody leave flat A-12 last night?",the inspector inquired the gatekeeper. Hearing the flat number, a guy rushed towards the building.
"I am her boyfriend.I need to see her",he said barging into the room where her body was lying.
"I am sorry. But she is dead now.She left a note but".
The note read : "I had enough failures at the hands of life accompanied with the agony to see my parents splitting and my love failing me, this new life in me, won't bear their consequences!"

Putting his spinning head on the table, he cried,"My girl was pregnant"


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  1. Amazing,Smita...the way you have written...the whole story played in front of me like a movie..
    And the story itself is brilliant!

  2. very well written.....really nice.....

  3. its like a mini movie with characters thrown in. Extremely brilliant concept. Loved the stories as usual. Keep it up

  4. Strong characters,wonderful story and well written plot!!!
    Loved reading

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  5. @Girl with a silver pen : thanks for the lovely comment :)

    @shruti : thanks for the appreciation :)

    @freelancer : thanks.I didn't plan it to be a movie nevertheless I love these comments ;)

    @Lipsy : Thanks so much for commenting :)

  6. @suvidha : Thanks a tonn for the appreciation suvidha. Thanks for visiting and commenting :)

  7. that was a phenomenal story Ms Smita, with a realistic storyline,
    cud hav been a bit more lively rather than depressing,but neverthless its a great story
    and congrats on winning...

  8. thanks a lot vibhas.
    You know me, how much I enjoy writing depressing stuff at times :p :p


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