July 4, 2011

Childhood Dreams.

I'm sure all of you have watched Disney cartoons before, right?
They did magic for me.  :)

Well, my mom never really allowed me to watch TV.  Everything I wanted to watch had to be watched by herself firsthand so she could make sure it's the right thing for kids to watch.  However, Disney movies were exceptional, they never needed her special approval.  

So right from the beginning, I knew Mickey Mouse must have some kind of magic.
And of course, I guessed right!

When I was little, I was so sure I wanted to be friends with Disney and Mickey when I grew up.  I wanted to work for Disney.  I knew he was exactly 93 years younger than me and we shared the same birthday, so I was certain we would be best friends.  :)

He was my biggest dream until I accidentally found out that he died even before I was born.  And then I came to realize I had to be really good at drawing or good at computers to work for his company.  Or I had to have a really special voice that other people can't copy, like Donald Duck's.  I didn't have any of those.  :(

That was a turning point for me, realizing that sometimes, some dreams just have to stay dreams forever..

I'm not very sure what got into me, but lately, I'm being reminded of these childhood dreams all the time, everyday.  

I take it as a reminder that I was once such an impossible dreamer, and I take it as a reminder that I still want to dream.  I take it as a reminder that some things stay with you forever, and that dreams are one of such things.  

take it as a reminder that no matter how old I am, no matter what happens, a little part of me still longs for that touch of magic in my life.

I want to share this with you today, in hope that probably, it'll remind you of a dream you thought you forgot.  And then maybe you can share it with me..?  

A toast to all dreamers!  :D

I confess I'm guilty of "dumping posts from personal blogs."  
But that was before I knew it was only allowed on weekends.  Won't be doing that anymore.  :)


  1. absolutely loved it. Dream on to visit Disney World - it is really inspiring :)

  2. :) Thank you, Sach.
    I wasn't wishing to visit Disneyworld though, I wished to work for Disney. I wanted to make cartoons and make all the kids fall in love with them.



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