July 26, 2011

A Broken Heart

Richard was found to be seated near the window, gazing outside infinitely.
In his hand was his cell phone which read a message from Auraya.
It read - "When any relation is new, people find excuses to meet you. But as it ages, they find excuses, not to meet you".

Richard is a bit emotional when it comes to relationship as he lives alone. Parents died in a car crash when he was 12, and his relatives abandoned him.
His education was sponsored by a family friend. He now works in an mnc and earns a decent income.

This message got back the memories of his old friend who happened to be a girl; Atleast thats how he defines it - "There is a difference between a girl who is a
friend and a friend who is a girl".
This girl, Emily, was a bit special to him. As she was the one who encouraged him, patted him in the back when he succeeded, and offered her shoulder to cry on when he was hurt, psychologically.
After she came into his life, everything turned out to be as milk and water for him.
But now things have changed.

The only message in his inbox was "Good night. Sweet Dreams" from her.
It was one of a kind to him, as Emily always say "Good night. Richard Dreams"  for which she explained that she replaced the word 'sweet' with Richard.

All these thoughts were going through Richard, at the moment. It was very painful for him. Emily had left him forever.
All he has now are his friends Auraya and Armaan who were with him from his childhood. And they knew everything what happened between the two cutie pies.

It was around 7 at dusk, last year. Emily had called Richard and said she wanted to talk to him. And he left, only to return after 3 hrs.
Armaan was a bit suspicious when he returned as he and Richard shared their flat.
Even though Richard was showing a happy face, deep inside his eye Armaan saw, there was deep trouble.

The night went as usual.
The next 2 days too, went as usual.
But on the third day, trouble started. Richard was acting weird and Armaan knew that something deep was going on, but Richard was not prepared to open up.
After a few insists, came the storm.
He said - "Emily was in deep trouble, and she wanted to talk to me. On that day, I consoled her but then I couldn't control my emotions and did something. That
something took my entire reputation with Emily but at the same time, relieved her of her problems."

Armaan then came to know that his doings damaged his respect so bad that both, didn't dare meet again. And she took off to another country without telling
anybody 'to carry on with her life', thanks to facebook. No matter how much did Armaan do to console Richard, all he got was "I'm fine mate" in a husky
non convincing tone.

Armaan lost every step he took to console him. Auraya, meanwhile, who came to know about this, wanted to do her part. Since she couldn't do it in person, for
she stayed in the other corner of the city, she used the phone as her means. But she failed to understand that she was making things worse.
No matter how much they tried, Richard could not come out of his misery. He just couldn't accept the fact that she was different than everyone else. He said - "A
special someone teaches you to live without anybody else, but she thought you how to live without her too". Again, all in vain.
Regardless of how well Richard excelled in his work, there was still a second life, behind his glistening eyes, where lurked the memories of their happy moments
and the D-Day, which were powerful enough to make him dependent on it.


Word Count- 659


  1. nice :)
    loved the messages and all those consoling lines :) simply too good lines they are :)

  2. nice :)
    loved the messages and all those consoling lines :) simply too good lines they are :)


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