June 13, 2011

Rains - 6 Word Story

The Solitary Writer aka Stephen Anthony aka Ste messaged me asking me to post these 3 entries on his behalf:

1) Rain Rain, come again another day!

2) Tip, Tip Barsa Paani

3) Paani ne aag lagaayi

Sandeep (posting on behalf of Ste)

(P.S: Revisiting old times :P :P)


  1. Wonderful entries Ste!! Such deep thoughts...especially the last one, 'Paani ne aag lagaayi', says so much at so many levels. Hats off bro! Sheer genius!

  2. Waaah jai ho. Tip tip barsa paani is my favorite. You got such novel thoughts :D

    The Pink Orchid

  3. But isn't "tip tip barsa pani" just four words? :D ;) Where's the remaining two? Steph, kanjoos mat bano!

  4. lol! yeah i agree with leo, what about the rest of two words for the last two posts?

    and, i thought of going this rain rain come again thing, but then skipped!

    yeah, pani ne aag lagai is indeed nice!

    i dono how to express my joy at seeing so much activity so much fun :') at TWL


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