June 17, 2011

Rain - 6WS series

                                      "Come, cleanse me of my sins!"


  1. Aaaapiii :D aap bhi yahan ho ..main bhi yahan hun ..hayye hum dono yahan hai..i know am not making sense :P

    but i am so happy to see you here...never knew you were a part of this lounge.. :)

    and lovely verse :)

  2. Very interesting!

    hey great to you gulshan is related to you mermaid!

    yes, indeed, thoughtful!

    welcome in :)

    (aka asbah)

  3. @gulgul
    hee hee :D
    Recently joined.... begged them to take me in... :D

    and thank you note likhna baaki hai..

    :D :D :D

    @ asbah

    thank you my dear moderator for enrollin me .... aap ya aapke doston me se...:)

    happy ho gayi mermaid :P



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