June 8, 2011

~ Our Destiny - 2

It was an year ago. I was madly in love with Charan. According to me, "He is the best thing that ever happened to me." He was a friend of Preethi's brother. I met him for the first time in her home.
Last new year, we were together. He was the first one to wish me. We went on a late night date on that day after my girls day out was finally over. 

He took me to the beach. We had a great time together. And then we had coffee in a road-side shop after which he dropped me home. 

Things were more than fine between us. But he still was not used to all my Premonition stuffs after being together for more than a year. He always feels uncomfortable when I say something like that. I have tried a lot to stop myself from saying something like that whenever he was around. But I never succeeded. Because, that happens without my consciousness. 

But never did I realize that he would take it so seriously, that he will let go of me. It was because of one such incidents that we had a huge fight with each other, and we finally broke up or to be more precise he ditched me.

That particular incident affected me a lot. The memories of that day were so fresh in my mind as I keep on thinking about it. This is what Preethi is trying to save me from. She keeps me busy so that I do not think about the past. She feels guilty because it was she who introduced him to me. She feels responsible for what has happened to me. I tried a lot to prove otherwise. But she is so stubborn, just like me. 

She, is the only reason for my happiness now. She spends a lot of time with me. She is away from me only during the night time. She was always there for me whenever I needed her.

And here she is, in front of me in the CCD looking at me dumbstruck. For, she knew what I was thinking about at that moment.

Preethi, "Amm, Sadz are you ok? I think we should leave now."

Me, "I am ok. No issues."

And still the boy's parents were apologizing to her. 

Preethi to the boy's parents, "Seriously, he is just a cute kid. He didn't know what he was doing. More over I am not hurt. Really its ok." 

And then we moved out of CCD. This day, which was supposed to be perfect ended like this because of me. I always end up doing something like this. Spoiling everything. At times I think that it was right of Charan to have ditched me.

"Sorry", I murmured.

"Oh, not again", Everyone was staring at me.

Preethi, "You are our best friend. You just wanted to warn me. I wasn't quick enough. Please we had a great day. Didn't we girls?". She looked at Swetha, Rithi and Deepika.

All of them agreed. And asked me forget the incident that happened way back at CCD. And then they started to speak humor to change my mind. They would not stop it unless I was all Rofl. I knew them. And so, I let go. I mingled like I used to. And the day ended, yeah perfectly in a positive note. We bid good-bye to each other and I went home.

I was too tired to get changed. All I remember is the cream satin cloth upon which I laid down. I slept peacefully.

To be continued.. ]

P.S.: This is purely a fiction :P . 
Sorry for the delay in the post. I was held up by my project works. :( :P

~ The Enigma


  1. awesome.. :)
    u kno actually.. its not always the girl who gets ditched.. :P

  2. not bad.
    not bad at all.

    i wait for more.

    (aka asbah)

  3. not bad.
    not bad at all.

    i wait for more.

    (aka asbah)


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