June 24, 2011

The Legend of Sandeep Malan V2 - 1

Sandeep Malan had a dream to excel in life and his life was no different.He was earning in Lakhs and had everything . Food,Clothings and Shelters are three common entities and necessities in a persons life. Malan was a superstar in his own ways. He had a cook who works at Taj. All his Clothes were designer made and everywhere he went a brand followed him. He lived in a big bungalow in some  famous location in Mumbai.His previous  years had been a complete disaster. His  girlfriend Richa who used to be his favourite left him as he was having some affair with some other girl who once used to be his best friends girlfriend . He befriended an American blonde while he went to America to earn bread and butter. Malan obviously had a different attitude towards life. He was  back again for once and for all.

He once again joined 'Airvoice' Telecom and was happy to see all his old friends at office. There was a change. His failed to see his best friend Asbah who seemed to disappear from there. He went to her cube and cried like crazy. "Dude ,Asbah is still alive? She is focussing on her studies" the guy sitting next to him told Malan.

"Malu ,we never thought that you would be back again, your creator was so busy these days and imagine he got you back once again ," Priyanka told him.
There was one love and if you think Richa was his only Love then  you are probably wrong.His affinity for Rajni movies had made him popular In  US.He would do Rajni stunts in Downtown ,US during weekends  and people would appreciate him. His Blonde girlfriend would be his side kick.
"My Creator, Hahaa Ste is too cool man.. I love him...God bless him ," Malan said to his colleague Priyanka.
The last time he went for a Rajni flick ,he messed up with Supari bhai.Supari bhai was tired of searching him all over Mumbai.He never knew that Supari was still searching for him. Malan was still waiting for the day Supari gets rid of him.But that day was not soon.His girlfriend Richa was dating some another Mallu guy who looked fair and handsome as compared to Malan.But Malan had this blonde chick with him.Rajni's Robot was one of his favourite.
He loved the Robot called Chiti. He clapped like crazy when he saw the Robot entry scene.
"Munni badnaaam hui daarling tere liyee......" His fone rang while he was in office. It was Richa who was trying to contact Sandeep..

"Hello ....Hello.... Saaaandeeeeeppppp......" She screamed....  Malan got scared for once and he started sweating profusely
(To be continued....)

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  1. with a chef who works at Taj, designer clothes,a brand to follow you everywhere, a job tour to US and a handsome salary, who would care if one's life become hell ! lol
    And a guy in an MNC,that too a telecom company, with a munni badnam hui ringtone !!!! ;) ;) munni is really famous and admired :p

    Cool Post :)

    would like to see the other post SOON :)


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